7 hilarious tweets on TOWIE’s Arg and Gemma - Having a baby?

Gemma Collins and James ‘Arg’ Argent have set their TOWIE relationship straight following a nervy episode five.

Since the start of series 22, the pair have catapulted their relationship forward, not only opening a joint bank account but whispering rumours of having a baby together.

However, after friend Chloe Sims spent a solid two hours shutting down their relationship and slamming their hopes of having a child, Arg and Gemz were having second thoughts.

Cue a super romantic speech from Arg – suddenly everything is back on track.


Screen Shot: ARG SPEAKS TO GEMMA- The Only Way is Essex, ITVbe

Screen Shot: ARG SPEAKS TO GEMMA- The Only Way is Essex, ITVbe

Screen Shot: ARG SPEAKS TO GEMMA- The Only Way is Essex, ITVbe

1. Miracle

Having worked through so many obstacles over the 22 series of The Only Way is Essex, many consider the day that Arg and Gemma have a baby as a sacred day.

A day for celebration…

2. Slowly Does it

Likewise, most people think that the couple’s plans of having a baby need to slow the hell up.

One step at a time, maybe get a dog first.

In fact, wait, no, that’s too much responsibility…

3. Matured

It’s safe to say that the TOWIE regulars have matured since their first appearances on the show.

Arg was one of the original dons, featuring in series one back in 2010.

Of course, he’s still an adult-sized baby at times, but he has grown up a little since this…

4. Modest

‘The GC’ is rarely described as modest.

And, in episode five, she proved exactly why her fizzing confidence makes her a reality TV icon.

This was her response to boyfriend Arg saying “I think you’re good enough”.


5. Flourished

Arg seems to have, err, how should say it, flourished since rekindling his love with Gemma.

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

6. Fake?

Not everyone is convinced by the whole ‘new and fortified’ relationship.

In fact, almost half of the people on Twitter think that Arg and Gemz are in a fake relationship, perhaps staying together in hope of a spinoff show.




7. Persistence

Above all, we know that Arg’s big confession of “loving” Gemma and seeing her as the “mother to his child” was all down to one thing.

It’s surprising what a bit of elbow grease can do…

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