Yes girls, we’re sorry to break the news to you.

X Factor finalist and 21-year-old heartthrob Brandan Murray is a taken man.

The talented singer from Ireland has been winning over judges, fans and all boyband-lovers with his beautiful voice and dashing school-boy looks.

The good news is that we have tracked him down on Instagram.

The bad news is a girl named Cailin Morrin…

From Thames/Syco  The X Factor: SR15 on ITV  Pictured: Brendan Murray.
From Thames/Syco
The X Factor: SR15 on ITV
Pictured: Brendan Murray.

Brendan’s Girlfriend

Looking at Brendan’s Instagram account, his girlfriend is called Cailin Morrin and they’ve been together for at very least nine months.

Cailin is a Law and French student at the National University of Ireland, in Galway, Brendan’s hometown.

This picture was even captioned “me and the wife”.

Rooting for Ya’ Boy

Who else wants to rock up with Brendan Murray for one of his small pub performances?

A cold Christmas evening, Brendan’s wearing his borg collar denim jacket and singing his heart while you’re snuggled up by the fireplace in a little Galway pub!

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Fresh 🙌🏻

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🎶 📷 – @xadacka

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We Like Sports

Do you know the rules to Gaelic football?

Of course you don’t. No-one d0es.

However, trying to work out why all these men keep jumping into each other while watching Brendan run around in his little white shorts would probably be worth it.

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Imagine every weekend was a 3 day weekend 💪🏿

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That Accent

If Brendan’s singing voice doesn’t melt you to the core then his accent will.

Here’s that blissful Irish twang in full swing…

Time for Sax

Okay, so Brendan isn’t the one with the sax here.

But as well as his guitar strumming talents, there are also pics of him on Instagram attacking the drums.

There’s no doubt that his musical talents stretch far beyond an instrument or two!

Serenade Me

Brendan Murray signing about love in a tender solo.

Complete with his acoustic guitar.

What more could you ask for…

Valentine’s Day

Titled “Happy Valentine’s Day, ya scut” it may take the non-Irish among us a bit longer to try and decipher what the hell “scut” actually means.

Either way, Valentine’s Day with B and a cute nickname – yes please!


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