7 most-talked about LOVE ISLAND moments - New series hype!

With Love Island 2018 set to relaunch on ITV2, here’s a look at some of the most-talked about moments in villa history.

Featuring love, heartbreak, babies and bromance, it’s quite remarkable what can happen in the space of two months.

Oh Love Island, how we adore you…

1. Jon Clark Proposes – Series 1

Yeah. Proposed.

That guy from TOWIE actually proposed.

For the millennials, who only recently got into Love Island, the 2015 version was an extraordinary series.

After a less than inspiring two-season TV debut in 2005, Love Island was back with a bang 10 years later.

Jon Clark earned his name – and subsequently found himself on The Only Way is Essex – after proposing to glamour model Hannah Elizabeth on the show.


2. Mike Picks Olivia – Series 3

Okay, so in comparison to a bloke proposing, this one may sound a little rubbish.

However, through the quick wit of Chris Hughes, the moment went down in reality TV history.

With Chris and Olivia Attwood comfortably paired up, Mike decided to pick Olivia, leading Chris to come out with this:

“Somehow Muggy Mike’s decided to take the girl I like. So I’m going to couple up with this girl purely on a friendship basis.”

Since then, Mike has only ever had one name…

3. Marcel Tells EVERYONE About Blazin Squad – Series 3

Okay, so attempting to pick one moment where Marcel told someone else that he was from Blazin Squad is a little tricky.

Fortunately, ITV2 created this montage – take your pick!

4. Tom’s Ex-girlfriend Rocks-up – Series 2

What is the one thing you don’t want to happen when you are living in a secluded villa for eight weeks, hoping to find love with a group of strangers?

Well, you probably don’t want your ex-girlfriend to turn up.

That’s exactly what happened in series two when Tom Powell’s former lover, Emma, casually strolled into the villa.


(skip to 5mins13)

5. Chris Meets Kem – Series 3

The true love story from the third season of Love Island was, of course, Chris Hughes and Kem Cetinay.

The pair forged an inseparable bond where they spent every moment of their time together.

Known as ‘Chrem’ on social media, they got so chummy that they shaved one-others initials into their downstair regions.



6. Miss GB Loses Her Crown – Series 2

In a tense and dramatic series two, Zara Holland was stripped of her Miss GB crown.

Having mentioned her beauty pageant success in every other conversation, viewers actually felt a little distraught when news filtered back to the villa that Zara had been stripped of her crown.

After getting up to mischief with Alex in the ‘Love Shack’, beauty pageant organisers decided they couldn’t condone Zara’s actions and subsequently de-crowned her.


7. Camilla is Heartbroken – Series 3

Camilla Thurlow became a nation’s sweetheart with her honest and pure appearance on Love Island series three.

However, there was a moment where she had her heart torn into two, and it brought emotional distress to many viewers in the UK

In a rare display of emotional weakness, Camilla whispered to a fellow islander that she “didn’t think she could do this” and “really wanted to go home” as her supposed island lover, Johnny, ditched her.

Johnny went on to snog his new bit Tyler, right in front of Camilla.


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