With the grand finale of U.S hit The Bachelor just around the corner (March 5, 2018) season 22 of the show reached the Women Tell All stage.

All evicted 21 contestants were invited to the stage on episode 10 as they recapped and bickered over some of the most talked about moments from the series.

The Bachelor Arie Luyendyk sat and smiled as each lady sat down for an intimate one-on-one, with the race car driver ripping into the evicted contestants over some of their past mistakes.


THE BACHELOR, ABC – Krystal and Arie

This was an intense two hours for TV villain Krystal. Like, really intense.


1. #Glamshaming in Nevada

Thanks to The Bachelor we were introduced to one of the most hash-tagged terms of 2018.

When Arie took the girls hiking in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, things got heated between Marikh and Chelsea.

No, not because the trek was so gruelling and tiresome that dehydration had altered personalities, but because Marikh was caught fixing her make-up in the reflection of her compass.

You know, what else is a compass used for.

Chelsea had ‘glam-shamed’ Marikh by gossiping about her actions to the other contestants, before Marikh confronted Chelsea head-on in one of the most ridiculous conversations to be aired on TV.

2. Missing Bekah Martinez

The most hilarious rumour to come out of The Bachelor was that 22-year-old Bekah had ran away from home to be on the show, and that her mum had reported her daughter as missing.

Well, these rumours were confirmed to be true on the Women Tell All episode.



Presenter Chris Harrison called Bekah’s mum live on stage as she confirmed that Bekah had rung her to say “she was going to work on a marijuana farm and would see her in seven to eight days”.

The mother went on to file a missing persons report to the California police department before realising that her daughter was actually on The Bachelor.

3. Krystal at the Bowling Alley

Okay, to summarise Krystal, this was one of her legitimate quotes:

“I’m intimidating because I come off as flawless.”

At the bowling alley date in episode four of the series and Krystal began to show her true colours.

Arie had promised that the winning team would earn a private date with him.

ARIE LUYENDYK, bowling on The Bachelor

ARIE LUYENDYK, bowling on The Bachelor

After Krystal had put on her meanest game face and dragged her team to victory, she turned incredibly bitter as Arie announced the decision to instead invite both the winning and losing team on a date.

Having calling Arie a liar, Krystal added:

“The other team didn’t win, he took back his word.

He didn’t consult us, he didn’t take us into consideration.

I’m looking for a partnership, someone I can trust.”


4. Stuffing Dead Animals on a Date

We’ve all been rooting for quirky taxidermy Kendall, who is one of the three remaining women heading into the final alongside Lauren and Beccah K.

But, as if stuffing dead animals for a living wasn’t weird enough, Kendall decided to woo Arie on their hometown date by showing him to her huge collection of stuffed animals.

screen-shot: ABC The Bachelor

screen-shot: ABC The Bachelor

The pair enjoyed a romantic spot of rat stuffing where they created a mock scene of the two kissing in front of the Eiffel Tower – with rats!

5. “I’ll Kill You”

So during the hometown visits and Arie was threatened by overprotective parents not just once, but TWICE.

First, Lauren B’s dad admitted that “he got good vibes from Arie” but subtly added that if he was wrong then he would “f*cking kill him”. Nice.

Then, during the hometown visit with Tia and her father Kenny said:

“If you hurt her, I can find you on Google. It would be bad for you.”

Wow. Way to scare off a potential son-in-law Kenny, it’s no wonder Arie ditched Tia later that episode!

6. Shutting Down Krystal For Good

On a ‘three-some’ date in Paris and pantomime villain Krystal was finally put in her place by Kendall.

As Krystal tried to verbally attack her love rival in front or Arie, Kendall decided to empathise with her enemy, telling Krystal that when she says mean things it “doesn’t mean you win, it just means you hurt someone.”

In the most un-Bachelor sentence ever strung together, Kendall said that Krystal had a great deal of beauty in her and that she hoped she could find inner peace.

7. Tia Ridiculing Bekah

As the youngest contestant of them all, and by a good five years or more, Bekah came under fire for her ripe age of 22.

It was Tia who brought the issue up, exclaiming to Arie that she was unsure whether her love rival was “ready for a serious relationship”. The issue soon lead to Bekah’s eviction.

Fortunately, at the Women Tell All show and Bekah had the perfect response as Tia attempted to raise the issue yet again.

Bekah quipped: ”I’m sorry. I can’t control that I was born in 1995.”