7 QUOTES you’d only hear on TOWIE - “Thought Femfresh was deodorant"

Series 22 of The Only Way is Essex has been one of the most explosive series in TOWIE history.

Packed with arguments and break-ups, it’s as if all of the TOWIE couples are on the verge of splitting up.

Apart from Gemma Collins and Arg, of course.

They’re planning a baby!

To celebrate the madness in Essex, here are 7 quotes that you’d only hear on TOWIE

1. Trick or Treat

Fans on Twitter felt a little bit queasy after Gemma Collins publicly teased her lover about her “candy”.

Now that’s a mental image you can’t erase…

You love this candy, no-one gets better than this candy.”


2. Don’t Mess With the Hair

Just like Anchorman, there is one rule when it comes to TOWIE fights – no touching of the hair or face.

First Look: New Season of Sister Wives!

Something that Amber Turner must have forgotten as she swilled her drink at Dan Edgar.


F*ckin messed my barnet up.”

Screen Shot: AMBER launches her drink – TOWIE, ITVbe

Screen Shot: DAN – TOWIE, ITVbe

3. The King

The so-called ‘King’ Liam Gatsby has been coming out with some classic one-liners across series 22.

And none were better than this narcissistic line about how he is an international player.

Yeah yeah, calm down Mr Worldwide.

I get models grinding up on me all over the world.”

Screen Shot: GATSBY – TOWIE, ITVbe

4.  Roll On

James ‘Arg’ Argent learnt the hard way, having used Gemma’s Femfresh as a roll-on deodorant.

Where do we even begin with this…

I thought Femfresh was a deodorant.”

Screen Shot: ARG – TOWIE, ITVbe

5. Flora Face

Here we have newbie Dean Ralph impressing the rest of the TOWIE lads with his chat of absolute nonsense.

Just take a minute to dissect the individual words here.

He’s got a face like butter wouldn’t melt.”

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

The subtitles guy didn’t even really understand what was being said.

Somehow, though, big John Clark knew exactly what was going on.

Is this even English?

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

6. OC-GC

Arg went on a rant on how Gemma has a long list of staff to help her through life.

You know, standard things like a private masseuse…

 She’s got more Staff than Mariah Carey”

Screen Shot: TOWIE, ITVbe

7. Man Over Board

Ladies and gentleman, we finish with Pete “The Pirate’ Wicks crashing his boat into the riverbed…

 F*ck me, Pete is a shit pirate”

Screen Shot: The Only Way is Essex, ITVbe

Screen Shot: ARG – The Only Way is Essex, ITVbe



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