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7 Reasons The Job Interview is NOTHING LIKE a real interview

Channel 4 series The Job Interview is one of the most talked about reality TV series in the U.K, but that doesn’t mean it is particularly accurate.

The series is designed to capture real life people in real life in interviews, with camera-rigged offices filming every moment of the interview process. Only, we have a few qualms about this.

Here are 7 Reasons The Job Interview is NOTHING LIKE a real interview.

WATCH The Job Interview every Thursday night on Channel 4, at 10pm.


1. Sweat Patches

Across four episodes we are yet to see a candidate dripping from head to toe in sweat because of nerves. Who are these cool and calm cats?

We want footage of the guy going in for an interview with Greggs, escaping to the bathroom to dry his armpits under the hand-dryer.

Sweat patches are an essential part of an interview – show us some!

PAUSE with Sam Jay | Season 2 Official Trailer | HBO

2. Caffeine Abuse

Not one interview candidate on The Job Interview has been offered water, tea or even a coffee.

We all know that we’d snap the hand off an interviewer who has a double espresso at the ready, and that’s after our four pre-game coffees from the house to train station, plus a bonus latte while waiting in the coffee shop across the road.

The Job Interview is missing pickle-eyed caffeine addicts jittering under the table because they thought coffee would help them focus.

3. Calling Your Mum in The Elevator

The final scene from each interview captures the candidates setting off down the elevator.

Glum-faced and emotionless they simply ding from the top to bottom floor when we all know that in real life we would be calling our mum to tell her how it went.

It really doesn’t matter how old you are. We do it, like, the second we get in the elevator.

4. The Office Walk

Of course, not all interviews are for office jobs, but the location of the job is usually where the interview takes place.

For filming ease The Job Interview opted out of this. However, this means that we miss out on the awkward end scene where a candidate is walked around the office like a lost kid at secondary school.

You know, when you have to say hello to a random bunch of people.

“Oh, hi Wendy from accounts. Hi, Steve who handles the PR stuff. Hello Dominic with the window seat. Hi, guy I strangely recognise for unknown reasons. Jeeze, I hope it wasn’t a night out. Please get me out of here.”

5. Hilarious Group Tasks

All of The Job Interview interviews have been conducted individually, so where are the group tasks?

Group tasks are where the most hilarious and out of character personalities break out. We want people sat around with name tags forced into getting to know each other.

We want candidates standing up in a circle of 10 to tell everyone three fun facts about themselves and how ‘if they were any aquatic animal’ they would be a ‘sea lion’ because they’re ‘brave but streamlined when it comes to working’.

Or, something like that.

6. Turning Up Late

On The Job Interview, every candidate is there at the precise time. Surely, there is one interviewee who would rock up late.

We want to see a lady flash into the building 15 minutes late, trying to dig herself out of a hole with stories about the London Underground and train cancellations.

“You’d never believe the day I’ve had.”

7. Wrong Dress Code

All of the candidates, whether they have had an interview with Good Housekeeping, Groupon, Virgin, Chandni or a sausage tasting company, have come dressed to suit the occasion.

We all know that trying to decide how formal or casual you should dress for your interview is one of the most stressful situations in life.

We want a guy in a full black tuxedo, sat around with other interviewees who are in t-shirts and jeans – now that’s a quick way to revert back to point one.


WATCH The Job Interview every Thursday night on Channel 4, at 1opm.

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