7 reasons why snake-like Eyal makes our skin CRAWL - Love Island

Love Island star Eyal Booker has received a mixed reaction from fans in the U.K.

Due to a changing personality that flips between eco-warrior wimp to cocksure smart ass, we’re still not sure what to make of the 22-year-old ‘spiritual’ model.

What we do know, is that he’s seriously beginning to make our skin crawl…

Screen Shot: Reaction to Rosie’s outburst – Love Island, series 4, episode 8

1. Eyal’s General Tone of Voice

Eyal only seems to have two tones of voice – whispering and light whispering.

Every time he opens his mouth the soothing tones of his voice become a fist-clenching annoyance.

Stop speaking so softly, calm things stress us out!



2. The Way He Reasons Everything

Eyal Booker can’t talk without having to reason and justify every single sentence.

He tends to use phrases such as “it was just this” along with “we didn’t mean to” and a personal favourite of Eyal’s, “it was the moment”.

It’s as if his brain isn’t actually connected to his actions, and that he can get away with anything (like kissing Megan in front of Dr Alex) because he has a deep ‘spiritual’ reasoning as to why it happened.


3. The Way He Kisses

As if chasing after Megan like a lost schoolboy and grabbing her for a snog wasn’t enough, the way Eyal kisses really grates on us, too.

Eyal is that bloke who thinks he is kissing in a movie, attempting to make every peck look like a passionate hair-grabbing upside-down Spiderman kiss scene.

Bro, she didn’t even want your sloppy snog offerings.

Screen Shot: Eyal kiss Megan – Love Island, ITV2, Series 4, episode 8

4. Eyal’s F*cking Curly Hair

Simple enough, that curly doo is getting on the U.K’s nut.

Someone bring back Kem and get that thing trimmed – A.S.A.P.

Manipulative Eyal – Love Island, ITV2, series 4, episode 8

5. His ‘I’m the Man Persona’

Look at him. Just look.

Having just kissed Megan, he leans back and stares at her – shirt completely undone – as if to say ‘yeah, I’m the man’.

In stark contrast to all of his tree-hugging philosophies, we literally don’t understand what Eyal is all about.

Find a stereotype – stick to it, pal!


Screen Shot: Eyal kiss Megan – Love Island, ITV2, Series 4, episode 8

6. Eyal’s Superior Moral Righteousness

Eyal’s entire persona is pretty damn pretentious.

He balls around the villa with an apparent superior moral righteousness.

His quote of “I care about people” couldn’t seem any more contradictory at times…


7. His Flirting

Admittedly, we all jumped on the bandwagon of hating Hayley Hughes after her relationship with Eyal came to an explosive end.

Now, however, having heard the type of sweet-nothings that Eyal has whispered into the ears of other girls, it’s more than enough to make you instantly vomit.


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