7 reasons WHY Zara McDermott will never change Adam - Love Island

The U.K public collectively rolled their eyes as Zara McDermott picked Adam Collard and the pair matched up for potential Love Island stardom.

Having dashed down Kendall Rae Knight and snuck into the pants of Rosie Williams, Adam Collard is just another personal trainer with goals.

Goals to get laid.

Here are 7 reasons WHY Love Island’s Zara McDermott will never change Adam – ever!

1. Adam isn’t Zara’s Type

Admittedly, we have previously heard Adam mentioning that “brunette girls” were his type, although episode 20 of Love Island brought some new revelations to light.

Playing the snog, marry and pie game, Adam caught everyone off guard when he decided to launch into a snog with Samira Mighty.

Err, not sure where that one came from – but watch out Zara!

Adam said: If I was in a club nightclub, who would I go for, who would I snog – that would be Samira if it wasn’t Zara.”

Screen Shot: Zara McDermott will never change Adam Collard

2. Zara is Too Shy and Timid

For all of Rosie Williams’s faults, that girl had sass.

Although played like a fiddle, Rosie didn’t sit back and let Adam turn his walking all over her into a stomp.

When Ad-star inevitably puts a foot wrong with Zara, we can’t help but feel the 21-year-old won’t be able to lay down the law – whether she’s a government worker or not!

Screen Shot: Zara McDermott will never change Adam Collard

3. Adam Has Slept With Over 200 People

Adam proudly boasted about having over 200 different sexual partners in a recent episode, and Zara didn’t seem to mind.

She acted peculiarly mundane about the whole situation, sort of shrugging her shoulders at her boyfriend to say ‘that Adam, ay?’

Deep down, Zara has to have some reservations about the fact that Adam is so insecure that he has to pretend he slept with over 200 different women, or worse, he has hit those numbers despite being only 22-years-old.

Love Island sex reveal: Contestants tell us how many people they have slept with – Adam Collard – ITV2, series 4

4. Zara is Too Smart

Switched on in the sense of knowing which men are likely to cheat on her and which aren’t – no, probably not.

However, Zara’s date with Adam brought up the topic of work, where despite Zara confessing that they “had a lot in common”, all Adam really talked about was lifting weights, the gym and correct form.


Zara is too intellectual…


Screen Shot: Zara McDermott will never change Adam Collard

5. The Other Girls Warned Her

When your friends group together and head a team to warn you about someone, it usually pays off to take note.

Rosie Williams and co-lead the charge against Adam, yet Zara simply turned a blind eye.

Since then, Zara has been left to her own devices, although we’re all waiting for the moment Samira Mighty can say ‘I told you so’.


Screen Shot: Zara McDermott will never change Adam Collard

6. Zara is Too Boring

If anything is going to keep Adam on his toes, surely it’s a lass who is full of energy and flirtatious banter.

Zara McDermott has looked incredibly dull so far, with most Love Island fans hoping she is the next to face the boot.

Love Island – Zara – ITV2, series 4.

7. This is Adam Collard

Above all. This is Adam Collard we are talking about.

The 6ft5 man-mountain is obsessed with himself, his looks, and has zero self-restraint when it comes to the opposite sex.

Hell, he probably gets stuck in the bedroom, chatting himself up in the mirror.

Good luck Zara McDermott!




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