So, you’ve found yourself snowed-in for the weekend with nothing but Doritos and red wine stockpiling the cupboards. Well good news, that means you can catch up on the best retro reality TV series.

Identifying the best and available reality TV shows from across the years, here are the 7 best throwback and retro series to binge-watch this weekend.

Drag the duvet down to the living room, hook up the laptop to TV with that wire thing that you only use three times a year, and make sure your Netflix account payments are all up to date –  it’s time to put in some serious hours.

1. Wife Swap

All we need to say about this one is the bacon kid. You’ve gotta remember bacon kid King Curtis, right?

This clip comes from the U.S version of Wife Swap although the U.K version is equally as entertaining. Watch as a pair of married couples swap their wives for an extended period, resulting in drastic changes to the chore rota and day-to-day lifestyle habits.

2. Super Nanny

If you feel that watching spoilt brats cause absolute chaos will warm the cockles of your heart during the weekend’s snow blizzard, then Super Nanny is your number one show.

The U.K version features nanny Jo Frost attempting to whip mischievous kids into shape across eight series from 2004 to 2008.

We recommend hitting the early series for the most carnage, where even the dreaded naughty step proves powerless.

3. Super Sweet 16

Taking it up a notch from super brat children and we have super brat teenagers. Even better!

The U.S show is definitely the only Super Sweet 16 you want to be catching up on, with these incredibly rich 16-year-olds gifted things like Rolls Royce cars as birthday gifts.

Oh, and when Tyga turns up to rap at your party but you told your parents you actually wanted Drake, then you better believe all hell breaks loose.

Here’s Audrey telling her mum that she “ruined her life” after she bought her daughter a new car.

4. Made In Chelsea

While it might not sound that retro, Made In Chelsea is about to head into its 15th season.

What better way to get yourself ready for the new series out later this month by watching all 162 episodes from series one.

Yup, they are all on Channel 4’s catchup player, 4 On Demand, so you have no excuse.

5. MTV Cribs

Swinging back to that same Super Sweet 16 era and MTV Cribs was one of the best shows to watch during the naughties.

If you can’t find the full episodes online then dozens of YouTube clips should keep you busy. You may even end up calling a sickie on Monday.

Some of the highest profiles to feature on Cribs include Ozzy Osbourne, Fat Joe, Ja Rule, 50 Cent, Tony Hawk and Lil Wayne. #Throwback

6. Beauty and the Geek

It has been 10 years since the last original U.S series of Beauty and the Geek, so it’s time for a decent catch-up.

Watch as computer programmers and lab technicians attempt to flirt with fitness and lingerie models – honestly, it’s as cruel as it is entertaining and that’s why we love it.

7. Millionaire Matchmaker

Join fiery matchmaker Patti Stanger in a show that rivals The Bachelor for its money-grabbing characters.

From 2008 to 2015 Patti helped mega wealthy men find their ideal women, sorting out the dreamboats from the sinking ships using her six golden rules of dating.

The show follows Patti’s insanely rich clients going on dates as they attempt to lead romance all the way up the aisle and to marriage. Side note, that literally never happened.

NEXT UP, check out 7 reasons we want a NEW series of Beauty and the Geek here.

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