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7 ridiculous Love Island 2018 RUMOURS that we all believed!

With Love Island 2018 sweeping the nation, we’ve become shamelessly engrossed with villa gossip.

Who has a boyfriend on the outside? Is that her real job? Is he lying?

Thanks to social media and the power Twitter, rumours can start from virtually anywhere.

Here are 7 ridiculous Love Island 2018 RUMOURS that we all believed!

Love Island

1. Laura Anderson HAS a Kid

There was a pretty convincing tweet knocking about, explaining how Love Island’s Laura Anderson had a kid on the outside.

Hell, they even had an Instagram photo to ‘back it up’.

However, despite our prayers that Wes Nelson would walk out of the villa hand-in-hand with Laura, only to find out that she has a kid – the rumour is 100% not true.

Laura has a sister, who has a baby, who Laura sometimes has photos with.

Kind of makes sense now, right…

2. Laura IS 30+

Due to the sheer velocity of Tweets about Laura Anderson’s age, it was hard not to join the bandwagon on bandits out to find out Laura’s ‘real age’.

It was speculated that Laura was in her 30’s, with fans happy to take anything from 30-34 years old.

However, despite the ITV2 website CLEARLY stating her age, it took Laura’s dad to confirm it.

Laura’s dad, David, said: Laura is 29-years-old and I’m the person to know – I’m her dad.”

3. Niall Aslam Left to Get His EARS Pinned Back

While there is some substance behind to this story – come on – Niall Aslam did not leave Love Island to get his ears pinned back.

An Instagram post that was posted over 12 months ago (now taken down) was the fuel to this fire, as it showed Niall having just completed some form of ear reduction surgery.

Follow-up reports then altered to suggest that Niall left the villa because of confidence issues regarding his ears, although the official statement has always remained that it was simply for “personal issues”.

Screen Shot: Niall Aslam rainbow fish story – Love Island, ITV2, series four, episode three

4. Niall Left Because He Received His UNI Results

If you didn’t hear the ear rumour, perhaps you were under the illusion that Niall received his University results, which in turn forced him to leave the show.

Not sure where to start with this one.

Just, no.

5. Ellie Brown HAS a Boyfriend

One of the more recent rumours, Bombshell Ellie Brown was immediately called out for having a boyfriend as she entered the villa.

It’s neither been confirmed or denied by Ellie, although friends and family have said that she did have a previous boyfriend, yet the relationship ended over seven months ago, in December 2017.

A “gutted secret boyfriend” is going to be pretty far-fetched, no matter what the truth.

Screen Shot: Love Island Dr Alex kiss Ellie – ITV2, series 4, episode 13

6. Adam Collard DATED Laura Before The Show

This conspiracy theory was even picked up by national newspapers, as a rogue tweet ‘confirmed’ that Adam Collard was dating Laura Anderson before Love Island 2018 kick-started.

Considering the pair haven’t even shared a moment of eye contact, we’re not sure why so many people ran with this idea.

You can thank Jake Connaris for the firing up the rumour mill, though.

7.  Jack and Dani Knew Each Other Before

On the basis that Jack Fincham and Dani Dyer are getting along like a house on fire, social media quickly assumed that they were dating before even entering the villa.

Not true.

Move along, guys.

Dani and Jack


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