7 SECRETS we know from Dean Overson's social media - Love Island

Former footballer Dean Overson has traded in his football and modelling stints for the more relatable role of a car salesman.

While his bosses and customers are apparently sad to see him go, we have a new guy in the mix who isn’t afraid to break up the existing couples, no doubt with the tactical awareness of a full-back breaking up a promising attack.

Let’s find out a bit more about Burnley’s finest.

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Not the first time you’ve seen Dean Overson on the telly?

Well, you’d screencap yourself too, wouldn’t you?

Dean Overson might not have had the longest footballing career, but he made it onto SSN, even if it was for no more than 60 seconds.

It’s not quite Danny Dyer, but his dad is well known

He’ll be smiling more in the villa

Apparently, Dean got his teeth done, so out with the pout and in with the grin.

Still got diddly-squat on Jack Fincham gnashers, mind.

Dean can bring the Blue Steel… and the blue denim

Maybe not much of a dancer, though

Is this really how you throw shapes, Dean? Come on now…


Always had an eye for a selfie

No indications here of the quiff that would come to be… or the beard for that matter.

What do we think?

Has Dean upped his posing game since his younger years?

But have the audience seen it all before?



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