7 things EVERYONE does when Love Island is on TV

The new series of Love Island is almost here.

Workplaces will be divided by the support of differing couples.

Friendships will be broken over contrasting morals.

Unhealthy emotional attachment is expected and a lack of life outside the living room will ensue.

Are you ready for Love Island series 4?

1. Slowly Edge Into Your Love Island Addiction

We all know the rules; you start off by saying that Love Island isn’t very good.

Use words such as “predictable” and “stupid” to describe the focus of the program and safer terms like “so fake” and “tragic” to describe the characters.

From here, however, and by the end of week one, you can start easing into an addiction.

Slowly and gradually word “Love Island” into conversation with friends and by week four your entire gang will be organising sleep-overs so you can catch up on the drama together.

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2. Become a Social Media Maniac 

The last time you sent a tweet was six months ago when you thought something funny you saw in Asda was going to go viral.

It didn’t.

Now, however, with Love Island on TV, you can happily tweet out to your 434 followers every 20 seconds.

Provide a running dialogue of each episode, share the hell out of those hilarious GIF’s, and don’t forget to aggressively let everyone know your opinion on who you like and dislike – we all do it!


3. Open Every Conversation With “Who’s Your Favourite Couple?”

Whether you’re chatting to a workmate you’ve never actually spoken with, your best pal or your nan, every conversation from May to August starts with “so who’s your favourite couple on Love Island?”

You can completely judge a person’s personality based on who they support. Are they gunning for the likes of Marcel and Gabby or Johnny and Tyla?

Use Love Island as your time period to weed out friends from enemies – even if it means disowning family members.


4. Think About Applying

When Caroline Flack announces that there is going to be a shocking twist and another housemate will enter the villa next week, everybody Google’s the same thing…

Apply for Love Island.”

You may have bent your body at a funny angle to make sure that none of your family members can see that you’re thinking about applying, but who actually cares.

Watching Love Island instantly makes everyone want to join the show.

And if you don’t end up applying, you’ll at least be booking a summer holiday out to somewhere like Corfu.


5. Start Friday’s at 10 pm

Friday’s used to start at exactly 5.00 pm, however, through the introduction of Love Island the weekend schedule has had to take a minor tweak.

Forget leaving work and spending the night out on the town until the early morning, there’s a very important one-hour window to catch between 9 pm-10 pm.

That doesn’t mind Friday nights out are a total write-off, though, with Love Island used as the perfect background watch for pre-drinking and outfit ironing.


6. Copy The Terrible Language 

Each series brings a wealth of wonderful new words and phrases that we never knew humans were using in everyday situations.

From “muggy” to “leave it”, it’s impossible not to be sucked into the Love Island vocabulary vortex.

Try – you won’t succeed.

7.  Wake Up Excited on a Sunday

Sunday’s never used to have a purpose.

They lacked worth and meaning.

Thanks to Love Island, however, you can shake off a hangover and grab a Sunday carvery all in time for the next dosage of reality TV drama.

Friend 1: What you up to today, any plans?”

Friend 2: Nah not really. Ooh Love Island is on tonight, though!”

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