Essex boy Alex Miller is on a mission to shake things up on Love Island.

As transparent as the glass he works with for a living, Alex has a clear sight on Dani Dyer.

He’s confident, yet bordering on “arrogant”.

Time to find out more about Alex.

Alex Miller - Love Island, ITV2, series 4

Alex Miller – Love Island, ITV2, series 4

Alex Was Previously a ‘Butler in the Buff’

This picture only circulated very recently on Twitter, showing Alex Miller working as one of those topless waiter guys.

Should Alex make some ground in Love Island, then you’d hope to think that his days of donning an apron and chatting up middle-aged ladies will be a thing of the past.

Bless him.

He Really Suits Glasses

So nobody in the world knew that this was a real award until this very moment – Spectacle Wearer of the Year.

Apparently, Alex scooped the prestigious award back in 2017, although you can’t deny that he looks bloody good in a pair of glasses.

Still buzzin’ that this happened last year @specsavers #loveglasses #specs

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Alex Has Had Some Dodgy Previous Dating Experiences

Like most of us, Alex Miller has been let down more than once when it comes to dating.

Then again, not all of us have unintentionally ended up on a date with a 49-year-old man called Steve, who claimed he was a 21-year-old Insta model…

Alex said: I’ve had a couple of cat fishes, these filters are doing me no favours!”

He Just Bought His First Place

All Alex Miller needs to do next is to bring home a lovely girl from the Love Island villa.

Maybe get a dog. Maybe get married on the front of OK Magazine, too.


On that property ladder, officially an adult ? #newhome

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Alex Hasn’t Escaped the Lookalike Treatment

He doesn’t seem to want to be one of the boys, Entourage-style though.

As Alex says, “I’m not there to make friends, I am here to meet someone.”

This one might cause problems for making a move on Dani though…

Things Didn’t End Well With His Ex

When two people disagree about who was the bad guy and why it ended, it can’t be long before the story hits the tabloids and social media.

Alex said, of his ex-girlfriend: She’d say I was arrogant but I think she should have nothing but nice things to say about me.”

Alex’s Relationship With His dad is Adorable

Let’s hope Alex has picked up some of his dad’s lovely manners and thoughtfulness, for the sake of the ladies at least.

The old mans old school, card in the post. #dad

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