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Screen Shot: Dennie The Godmutha - MTV, Season 1

7 things you DIDN'T KNOW about Dennie Augustine - Made in Staten Island!

The first ever series of Made in Staten Island is now airing on MTV, and we’re already a bit obsessed.

Many people have picked out a favourite already but let’s not go and right the entire cast off just yet.

Meet Dennie Augustine. She’s may be the oldest but she sure as hell believes that she is the life of the party!

Screen Shot: Dennie Interview – MTV, Season 1

Dennie Augustine is 22 Years Old

Dennie is the oldest of the group at 22 years old – which means that the cast is one super young crew!

She celebrates her birthday on December 18th and dropped some big new last time around, celebrating the big 2-2 by announcing that she would be on Made in Staten Island.

She’s the Group’s ‘Godmutha’

We all have that one friend who we can go to for an emotional vent. Someone who will wash away the tears and ‘sort out’ the person who made you cry!

Rich in Bollywood | Official Trailer | Prime Video

To the cast of Made in Staten Island, that’s Dennie Augustine.

According to CP, if any of them have got a problem then the ‘Godmutha’ will be there to straighten them out.

In other words, don’t mess!

Screen Shot: Dennie The Godmutha – MTV, Season 1

Dennie Augustine Made it Out of the Borough

As Dennie is the only one currently enrolled into a university, it makes her the only one out of the cast to move away from the borough of Staten Island.

She is a student at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey, and will be graduating this 2019.

But that doesn’t mean she didn’t get into a spot of trouble. In 2016, she was called out from her uni for an offensive Instagram post that went viral.

It pictured Dennie holding up a sign that read “Need $ for child support #BlackTrash.”

In response to the post, Dennie told her student newspaper:

I was visiting home in October and my friend’s friend had a party, and we all know the crazy themes, college students have for parties, so the theme for this party was ‘White Trash vs. High Class. People made signs saying stuff like, ‘Lost the keys to my trailer #whitetrash’ I thought what I should write on my sign, so I wrote something truthful.

Augustine said her dad left her when she was seven years old, so, according to her, her sign said something personal.

She Wants to Work in Manhattan

Though she is concerned with what she will be doing after Staten Island, she is seen on the first episode of Made in Staten Island talking to her mom about how she wants to work in Manhattan.

Mama Augustine has some wise advice for her daughter:

You are smart and responsible. Go and speak to people to put in opportunities in front of you.

Dennie and Kayla Were Supposed to Fight

Dennie may think of Kayla as a little sister now, but when they first met there was a ton of drama.

According to Dennie, she and Kayla had ‘beef’ at first and very almost had a fight.

It’s all history now, though!

She isn’t Afraid to Chat Sex

Denni clearly isn’t afraid to unleash her raunchy side and has a podcast about all things sex.

There is a link in her Instagram bio to her site ‘A Dennie For Your Thought’s where she chats everything from porn to masturbation.

Screen Shot: Dennie Augustine Instagram

Dennie Doesn’t Think She Could be a Stripper

In an interview with Meaww, Dennie told her mom that she doesn’t need to worry about her daughter becoming a stripper.

One, Dennie doesn’t think she has the moves! And two, she doesn’t feel she has the body, either!



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