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7 things you DIDN'T KNOW about Gabi Andrews - Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club!

The VIP Hosts in Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club isn’t your usual cast list, with each member of Lindsay’s crew looking totally different in style and appearance.

Take Gabi Andrews, who isn’t afraid to be super loud and super opinionated. Oh, and her hair is super bright, too!

Here are seven things you didn’t know about Beach Club’s Gabrianna.

Gabbi Andrews- MTV, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach House

Gabi Comes from Washington DC

Yes, the same place the White House is located – although it is incredibly doubting that Gabi ever visits!

Washington DC is geographically located between Virginia and Maryland.

She is Bisexual

So, it looks like Mike isn’t the only bisexual host that Mykonos has at the moment.

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Gabrianna has previously stated that she is bisexual, although she tends to prefer men over women.

She said:

I like guys and girls. I’m bisexual.

Screen Shot: Gabi talking about her sexuality – MTV, Season 1

Gabi Suffers from a Sickness

Gabrianna currently suffers from Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Type III.

She could not walk until she was in the 9th grade. In fact, doctors were not optimistic she would ever be able to walk.

Gabrianna spoke of her difficult childhood and said:

I would stand up and my hips would dislocate.

Screen Shot Gabi not able to walk – MTV, Season 1

She Grew Up Less Fortunate than Others

Gabi grew up with a single mom who worked incredibly hard.

Though they did live in a nice neighbourhood and went to a good high school, Gabi did not grow up like everyone else.

She explained on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach club that she didn’t always have clothing as a child and there was certainly no luxuries.

Gabi Grew Up Being Bullied

Growing up is hard for anyone! Add a little bit of puberty, and raging hormones and the world feels incredibly scary to the one being bullied.

Gabi explained that she went through much worse than schoolyard bullying.

The kids at her school would harass her for always being in a wheelchair and being the ‘odd girl’ that goes there.

Gabrianna said:

I was bullied a lot. I would have kids trip me over in my wheelchair.

Screen Shot: Gabi talking about being bullied – MTV, Season 1

She is Currently in School

Though she is one of Mykonos’ hosts, Gabi still attends university.

Our girl Gabi wants to be a doctor in the future, and we have no doubt she can do it!

She is currently studying Biology at Florida Gulf Coast University, which means she is an out-of-state student.

Screen Shot: Gabi talking about her university – MTV, Season 1

Gabi is a Bartender

Gabi is also a bartender in Florida to help save up the dollar school fees.


Screen Shot: Dancing with her co-workers as she bartends – MTV, Season 1



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