Okay, so everyone knows that Samira is a West End performer. That makes her a triple threat of actress, singer, and dancer. Still, there’s much more to her than meets the eye, so let’s dig a little deeper.

1. She put some of that beauty in Beauty & The Beast

And she filmed the credits just to prove it. The live-action Disney hit starred Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, with plenty of West End stars rounding out the cast for those huge musical numbers.

2. The boys in the villa are competing with Hollywood stars

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After meeting at the 2016 GQ Awards, Samira went on a date with Wonder Woman’s Chris Pine. One of Hollywood’s many famous and handsome Chrises, he and Samira still keep in touch. Any plans for hanging out this summer are on hold though: she’s on the island.

3. It’s not just show-tunes in her locker

Those pipes can handle a pop song too.

4. Say it, don’t spray it

Pet peeve? Spitting. Samira can’t stand it, so the boys on the island would be wise not to attempt that around her.

5. New boy Charlie is not so new to her

Samira and Charlie have exchanged flirty messages in the past, finding each other on a dating app. Does that help their chances of winning? Time will tell…

6. There’s more to life than theatre

Although she’s been in huge hit shows like Mamma Mia and Dreamgirls, Samira isn’t planning to leave it all on the stage. Ideally, she’d like to become a TV presenter. Where better to learn that on telly’s favourite summer show?

7. A sting in the tail?

With a birthday of November 22, Samira is a Scorpio. Aged just 22, she’s one of the youngest in the villa this year.

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