7 tweets that perfectly sum-up Chyna Ellis’ time on Ibiza Weekender - Snooze fest

Chyna Ellis is an up and coming reality TV star having briefly appeared on Love Island 2017, before going on to cement a place on Ibiza Weekender.

What’s next for the blonde-haired 22-year-old, Big Brother? The Only Way is Essex?


Ibiza Weekender: Chyna Ellis

ITV2 hit Ibiza Weekender follows a group of party reps as they show guests how life on the White Isle works – AKA boozy nights on the town and heaps of sexual tension.

Chyna has proved one of the worst reps to have ever joined Ibiza Weekender however, scoring multiple 0’s out of 10 when it came to guests rating their overall experience.

She’s spent most of her time lounging around the poolside, checking her nails, or snogging Weekender regular Jordan Davies in the reception area.

Social media fans have brandished the Essex babe one of the blandest personalities to feature on reality TV, although this brick wall personality has made her oddly entertaining in a way.

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Here are 7 Tweets that perfectly capture Chyna’s time on the show, from a brief relationship with Jordan to standing around and doing nothing.


1. Bread – no butter

Chyna has proved the ultimate piece of eye candy for guests and reps in Ibiza Weekender, although she has very little to say in terms of wit, anecdotes or literally anything that isn’t mind-numbingly boring.

Screen Shot: ITV2: Ibiza Weekender – Chyna

2. Face like a . . .

Chyna has rarely cracked a smile during her time on series four. All she actually has to do is carry around cocktails, occasionally sweep the floor and take the lead during nights out.

Imagine her face back home on a 9-5 job.

3. Letting that mouth roll

For the small periods where Chyna has opened her mouth to speak, she hasn’t exactly done herself any favours.

Attempting to wingman Callum by subtlety ‘bigging’ him up to Molly, she couldn’t even do that right.

4. A perfect game plan

Their was outrage on Twitter as fan favourite Marlie was sent home from the show, with head boss El Jefe stating that their needed to be a shake-up in staff.

Chyna, who had been described by guests as “useless”, was the obvious choice, but having struck up a relationship with fellow rep Jordan Davies and she comfortably secured enough votes to stay.

IBIZA_WEEKENDER: Chyna and Jordan

The pair have split up since however, thanks to a shocking reveal that Jordan had been dating a girl outside of Ibiza Weeekender the whole time!

5. That bod though

While slang term ‘weapon’ is more often used to describe someone who is a bit of a ‘tool’, guest Luke used the term so many times that there was obviously only one thing he was talking about.

Combined with a shower scene – yeah – describing somebody’s banging body can now be done through the term ‘weapon’ . . .  apparently.


6. Ibiza is lame – APAZ

Only Chyna Ellis can make Ibiza look like a dull, boring and lifeless holiday destination.

Her refusal to get involved in party games and self-exclusion from trips to the beach for banana-boat sessions has caused a stir on social media.


7. This is my normal face

One of the main reasons Chyna has scored such horrendous ratings from the guests is her clear lack of enthusiasm. It all starts from the face and Chyna’s is seemingly stuck in one position.

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