7 videos that PROVE Lewis Gregory genuinely is that loud - Big Brother!

Fans of Big Brother are already falling in love with the sparkling Lewis Gregory.

The 26-year-old Big Brother 2018 contestant was the most energetic housemates to bust into the house and a quick glimpse at his Instagram is no different.

Here are seven hilarious photos and videos of the buzzing bricklayer from Camden.


Tesco Vibes

If you’re expecting Lewis to be that chilled out guy who sits around and does nothing, then think again!

Here’s Lew hotting up the queue system in Tesco, rumoured to be listening to Skepta Shutdown.

The Look of Dollar

We’re genuinely not sure if Lewis is being serious here or not. Hopefully not.

Either way, the caption “I look like a check” – with cheque spelt incorrectly – is one of our favourite Insta lines ever.

You are pure money, Lew.

Lewis’ Tattoo

As time goes on in the Big Brother house hopefully Lewis can explain the meaning of the tattoo stuck in the middle of his chest.

It reads “24/7” and can be seen here as Lewis turns his gym outfit into a crop top.


That Pull Up Life

Form – nowhere to be seen.


Reps – non-existant.

Confidence – 100%.

Every Day is a Shoulder Day

Lewis’s Instagram is full of health and fitness videos.

And, from the constant mirror selfies, he seems to have perfected the ultimate ‘puff out your chest’ look.

Energy Crew

We’re sure Lewis’s endless energy is going to be a highlight of Big Brother 2018.

At least for the audiences, we’re not sure how the other housemates are going to cope.

Either way, we love his positive enthusiasm and outlook on life.

Camden’s Finest

If you’re unsure on your new Twitter name and handle, then use Lewis for inspiration.

You can follow him at @lewis24_7 or, even better, simply ask anyone in the world if they know who Camden’s finest is.

There’s only one answer…

Screen Shot: Twitter – LEWIS24_7



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