Absolutely Ascot is onto its fifth episode.

So far there’s been a big blowout, cheating rumours, an awkward spa day and two new relationships!

In the words of Leah Fletcher, “there’s definitely more to ascot than meets the eye” – let’s just say there’s never a dull moment with this lot!

Here are five things you didn’t know about Absolutely Ascot’s Angel!


Screen Shot: Angelbo Stanley Absolutely Ascot – series 1 episode 4, ITVBe

Angel is a Makeup Artist

Contour, blush and lashes are her thing as Angel works full-time as a makeup artist.

She has 631 followers on her work Instagram and over 3,500 on her personal Insta!

This female boss is probably the most upfront of all the Ascot girls.

In episode 4 she tried to get Leah and Courtney to patch things up – now that takes some guts!

Angel Has a Son

Angel posts pics of her and her son on Insta.

Now we couldn’t tell you the name of this little guy but he really is adorable.

Angel is Always On Holiday

In episode 3 we saw Claudia and Samson’s mum say that if she were Angel’s mother she’d take away her passport.

Angel said to her mum: “Is Lee digging me out?”

If you can wine and dine in Barcelona one week and Santorini the next, why wouldn’t you?

Angel’s Not Shy

Angel’s tagline on Twitter is “Don’t compare where you can’t compete.”

In episode 4 we get to see Angel come out of her shell – and she’s not someone you’d want to get on the wrong side of.

Simone, Angel’s mum said:

Angel does have a bit of a devilish side to her, but she’s everyone’s friend. Everyone loves Angel.

Angel Loves a Full-Length Pic

Whether she’s showing off her new Givenchy outfit or posing in Cannes, Angel sure does love a good photo.

Then again, that’s what holidays are all about. And holidaying is Angel’s idea of a nine to five by the looks of things!

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