Absolutely Ascot is an all-new reality TV series to ITVBe.

Episode 1 kicked off Sunday, September 23rd and since then it’s been non-stop drama.

Of all the Absolutely Ascot cast Aunt Emma’s definitely been a permanent fixture since day one.

Here are 7 things we found out about Absolutely Ascot Ellie’s Mum!


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Aunt Emma Loves Horses

It’s clear to see that Emma has a love for horses, from her Instagram and from the show.

In episode 4 Emma and her daughter Ellie Ball go out horse riding.

Ellie struggled to even get on the horse, Emma said:

“You used to be a gymnast. You could do the splits, Ellie, when you were eight.”

Emma is 43 years old

Absolutely Ascot Ellie’s mum said she’s now gone from a  ‘MILF’ to a ‘GILF’ overnight thanks to daughter, Ellie.

Talking about Ellie’s pregnancy news, Emma said: “The anxiety that this whole thing has given me is off the Richter scale. She can’t even cook a dinner”.

Granny at 43, that’s going to look good on the Tinder profile, isn’t it?


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Emma has Four Children

Aside from 18-year-old Ellie, Emma has three other children who in her words are “her world”.

She also is regarded as everyone’s Aunt on Absolutely Ascot, so it looks like she’s got more kids to care for than just her own!

Leah Fletcher said in episode 2: “Aunt Emma, she definitely is just one of the girls. You would never ever think that she’s a mother of four. She looks younger than Ellie, I think.”

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Emma Brooker Likes a Designer or Two

Starring in Absolutely Ascot, it’s basically a requirement to have a designer clothing obsession.

Valentino shoes are just standard for these guys and Emma’s no exception.

Each episode of Absolutely Ascot, Aunt Emma’s usually chilling out, drinking wine in her luxury home with Ellie and Leah.

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Aunt Emma Loves Lee

Lee Smith also appears on Absolutely Ascot.

He’s Henry Simmons’s best friend and apparently a hilarious guy according to Emma.

Emma was snapping photos of Lee and her daughter Ellie at Ascot Ladies day. Any chance she wanted the pair to get together?

Emma’s Got a Kind Heart

Emma and her daughter Ellie are very straight to the point.

But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a heart.

In episode 2 Aunt Emma tried her best to give Leah advice on her feud with Courtney Smith.

Emma said: “Leah why don’t you just meet the girl and have a civil conversation with her?”

Aunt Emma’s Part of the Ascot Crew

In Absolutely Ascot it’s not only the teenagers and twenty-somethings that are the centre of attention.

Amber Tucker Chandler’s dad, Claudia and Samson’s mum, and Aunt Emma all play key parts in the show.

Aunt Emma’s humour has definitely been passed onto her daughter who’s one-liners pretty much make the show.

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