Absolutely Ascot: 5 things you DIDN'T KNOW about Ryan Paul Antony!

All-new reality series Absolutely Ascot is about to come to an end.

Episode 1 kicked off Sunday, September 23rd and since then it’s been non-stop drama.

The finale airs tonight (Sunday, November 11th) and it looks to be an eventful episode.

Of all the Absolutely Ascot cast Ryan Paul Antony’s definitely been right in the thick of the drama.

Here are 7 things we found out about Absolutely Ascot’s Ryan!

Screen Shot: Absolutely Ascot Ryan, episode 2 – ITVBe

Ryan is Dating

It might not look like it from Ryan’s Instagram but according to The Sun, he’s seeing TOWIE’s Bobby Norris after meeting at a party.


It looks like Ryan keeps his private life private, but the Essex and Ascot lot seem to get on like a house on fire!

Ryan Has a Pomeranian Dog

When we were first introduced to Ryan and his salon he said: “You walk into my salon and its like walking into basically a brothel.”

You’ve got a little fluffy dog, you’ve got a four-poster bed, my mum who looks like Jackie Stallone. It’s just like a whirlwind when you walk in there.

Ryan is a Family Man

Ryan’s Instagram is packed full of photos of him and his sister, Paige.

She has a daughter, Vienna-Blu, which makes Ryan an uncle!

It looks like Ryan’s also very close with his mum, Lisa.

Ryan’s Not Just a Hairdresser

Not only is Ryan Sweales a hairstylist, but he also owns the salon.

And above all else, he’s basically everyone’s counsellor on Absolutely Ascot.

If there’s gossip, Ryan will know about it!

Ryan is a Businessman

Each Absolutely Ascot one of the girls is bound to go and get their hair done, from a full-on restyle to a statement hair-up for Ladies Day – they all go to Paul Antony.

Ryan’s salon is pretty much a second home for everyone in Ascot and he’s built it all himself from nothing.

Go, Ryan!

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