Big Brother 2018 is here and so are 14 new housemates!

Among the new hopefuls, we have an Irish farmer, a graphic designer, a semi-pro footballer and even a spiritual advisor.

She was the second contestant to enter the Big Brother house – here are 5 things you never knew about Anamelia Silva.

Anamelia’s X Factor Fail

Anamelia already attempted reality TV fame when she auditioned for X Factor in 2011.

Season 8 of the X Factor UK saw judge Tulisa call Anamelia ‘arrogant’ and the 31-year-old received 4 ‘no’s’ from the judges.

Anamelia Speaks Swedish and Portuguese

The brunette beauty was born in Brazil.

When she was 5 years old Anamelia and her mother moved to Sweden.

Now she lives in London and works as a spiritual advisor.

Big Brother 2018 Anamelia Silva

Anamelia Doesn’t Hold Back

Fun fact number 3 – in Anamelia’s Big Brother VT she let us all know that she was actually conceived through a one-night stand.

She said:

God did a good job with me.


Anamelia rates herself 10/10

There’s no denying that a quick glimpse at Anamelia’s Instagram, @iloveanamelia, will provide you with a whole lot of self-love posts.

It seems the Brazilian beauty is pretty confident in herself, even posting some bath time videos on Insta.

If you’ve got it, flaunt it – we guess?

Screenshot Instagram @iloveanamelia

Anamelia Lived in a Rainforest

Aside from her spiritual interests involving crystals, tarot reading, reiki healing, numerology and astrology, Anamelia is also ‘quite’ psychic.

For spiritual reasons she also once shaved off all her hair and for 3 months lived in a rainforest.

This girl is dedicated, we know that much!

Anamelia is certainly going to be one to watch in the Big Brother house – confident is an understatement!

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