Fans of DIY SOS know to bring the hankies, as throughout the series we tend to be thrown down an emotional rabbit hole.

And after episode 3 (Thursday, May 23rd), there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.

Read on to find out everything you need to know about Stuart Philp and the moment Nick Knowles and the DIY team turned the Philp family’s life around.

Stuart Philp, DIY SOS E3.

Who is Stuart Philp?

Stuart is a 47-year-old from Torquay, Devon.

When his daughter Lauren was just six-months old, Stuart’s health rapidly deteriorated as was diagnosed with progressive multiple sclerosis. While he still has some movement in his arms, he cannot use his legs.

Lauren says the renovation would allow her dad “to do things for himself” and gain some “independence”, as she feared he would have to be moved into a care home otherwise.

Their desire for his independence is particularly poignant as for the last two years, Stuart has not been able to go to his upstairs bedroom and so has resorted to sleeping in an armchair.

Who is Grandma Lin?

Lin, Stuart’s 73-year-old mother, also suffers from a life-impacting disability. This remarkable woman has been blind for over twenty years now, but won’t let that stop her from helping her son.

She travelled half a mile by herself across town seven days a week to care for Stuart… The power of a mother’s love!

The renovations to the Philp house included the addition of a new room, meaning Grandma Lin could move into the property and help Lauren with her caring responsibilities full-time.

Pictured: Grandma Lin.

How did Stuart react to the renovation?

The renovation inevitably blew the family away.

The assisted living spaces for both Stuart and Lin meant they could live independently and the threat of the care home quickly vanished.

And the whole of the house was opened up by the addition of a lift and ramps, so Stuart could finally access the garden and the upstairs!

Stuart said about the renovation:

I am totally blown away by it all. I can’t believe it has all happened in such a short space of time, and I can’t believe it is happening to me.

Lauren and Stuart Philp.

Stuart, Lin and Lauren.




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