BBC: Meet The Chefs' Brigade cast on Instagram - Frankie, Kareem, Daisy!

Move over Masterchef! There’s a brand new cookery competition kicking off on Tuesday, July 30th which is one of the toughest the BBC has to offer.

The Chefs’ Brigade sees some of Britain’s brightest cooking talent tour Europe and compete with other kitchen brigades across the continent.

Under the guidance of Michelin-starred chef Jason Atherton, they will put their skills to the test to become one of the best cooking teams there is.

But who are the ten chefs taking on the challenge?

We’ve found the entire cast of The Chefs’ Brigade on Insta, plus everything you need to know about them and their cooking backgrounds.

The Chef’s Brigade (C) Expectation Entertainment Limited – Photographer: James Wicks

Meet the cast of The Chefs’ Brigade…

There are ten competitors entering the series, each hungry with an ambition to make it as some of Europe’s brightest young cookery stars.


Let’s get to know The Chefs’ Brigade a bit better…

Kareem Roberts

Kareem Roberts is a home chef, who from the standards of his cooking looks like he can take on any pro.

Checking out his Instagram – where he already has over 34,000 followers – is a must, as you’ll be drooling over his ‘grammable cooking for days! See Kareem’s cooking for yourself here.

Jessica Sampson

This Southend-On-Sea chef certainly knows what she’s doing in the kitchen!

Check out Jessica’s Instagram @thegingerchef18 for all her best plates of grub.

James Peck

James is the head chef and founder of Burnt Lemon, described on their Instagram as “A food business run by chefs”. He set up the business in 2018 and they host pop-ups, dinner parties and also cater for weddings and private events in the Northamptonshire area.

James also works as a chef and food creator for Farrington’s Mellow Yellow, where he comes up with recipes for the brand.

You can follow James on Instagram @jamesburntlemon.

Frankie Hemming

London-based Frankie is a sushi chef at Sakeya London.

From his Instagram, he describes himself as “made in Shoreditch” and also shares pictures and video tutorials of his cookery.

Check out some of his lessons on fish butchery on his YouTube channel.

Picture Shows: Kareem and Frankie listen to Jason. – (C) Expectation Entertainment Limited – Photographer: Expectation Entertainment Limited

Shivam Konglar

Be warned, Shivam’s Instagram is sure to make your stomach rumble and your mouth water.

The young private chef of British and Mauritian descent can make pretty much any dish under the sun.

Check out his Instagram @shivam_hanoomansing.

Jenny Woodberry

Jenny Woodberry enters the competition as a private chef and healthy food blogger.

On her Instagram, she brands herself ‘London’s Tastiest Healthy Chef’. She even has her own website, which you can view here.

Reann Elks

Reann is one of the youngest chefs featured on the show, at just 22-years-old.

She is a junior sous chef at The Lodge in King’s Lynn, Norfolk.

Reann does have Instagram, but her account is private. So, sadly we’ll have to get all of our updates on her cheffing from The Chefs’ Brigade!

Stephen McClarty

Stephen describes himself as ‘the Cockney chef’ and you can find him on Instagram with the same pseudonym @cockney_chef.

He has been working at local Margate restaurant Buoy and Oyster as Junior Sous chef since 2018.

Stephen also has an Instagram account solely dedicated to things he eats – he must be a real foodie! Follow that account here for some inspo on the best places to eat in London.

Daisy Cecil

London-based Daisy is one of the chefs at the famous River Café.

You can follow Daisy and all her foodie creations @daisycecil.

Jay Copeland

Jay is a chef from Northern Ireland and if he’s your favourite and you just can’t get enough of Jay, he has two Instagrams you can follow!

One is purely dedicated to his cookery, with the username @gnocchi_balboa, whereas he shares snaps of his day-to-day life on his other account.





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