5 reasons why Isaac Jagroop IS the most basic Big Brother contestant

As usual, the cast for Big Brother 2018 has plenty of variety.

Each series, we grow to expect a wealth of clashing characters and larger than life personalities to keep us entertained over eight long weeks.

We’re not sure about Isaac Jagroop, though. Is this the most basic and vanilla contestant from series 22?

Big Brother 2018 – Isaac Jagroop

Isaac’s Claim to Fame is Football

Take any semi-professional to the side for a five-minute chat and they almost certainly will tell you about how they ‘almost made it as a pro’.

Of course, Isaac is no different.

His claim to fame is that he played for Ipswich Town for six years before he was released at the age 17 – meaning he was literally a lifetime away from playing in the first team.

We’ve all had trials for a famous football team when we were in school pal, you’re just another 23-year-old from the U.K.

He’s a Club Promoter

As far as basic goes, club promoter rarely screams ‘individuality’.

Isaac is a club promoter from Suffolk who moved to Birmingham for University where he now lives.

That classic story of student turn club promoter, who ends up never leaving his uni town because he loves the fact that everybody knows him.

Isaac is Full of Banter

Obviously, Isaac is going to bring the ‘purest’ banter out of all the Big Brother housemates.

Isaac charmingly responded to presenter Emma Willis’ question about what he is going to miss while in the house by answering with one blunt word – “w*nking”.

He also said:

I like the sort of banter that’s like the edge of being off limits. I was just a class clown. Just any opportunity to have a laugh.

He Hates Fake People

Err, it takes one to know one, Isaac.

As he entered the Big Brother house, Isaac’s key quote was about “hating fake people”.

Could there be a more stereotypical line for a person entering a reality TV show?

Isaac Has a Tattoo on His Bum

Like any proper lad should, Isaac has a tattoo on his bum – presumably while on a lads’ holiday in Zante.

The tattoo says “money” and it really is one of those interesting facts that totally isn’t interesting.



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