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Netflix: Meet the Car Masters season 3 cast - Mark, Constance, and co!

Car Masters is back for a third season, as cameras take us to Gotham Garage to get the latest on how the custom-building car shop is going.

This season, Mark Towle, aka owner of the Gotham Garage in California, will be getting his best tactics out to entice clients into buying cars.

He will be helped by staff Constance Nunes, Shawn Pilot, Tony Quinones, and Mike “Caveman” Pyle along the way, to help him build the custom cars.

We tracked down the Netflix stars on Instagram, to get some insight on whose joining us for the new Car Masters series.

Car Masters: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Car Masters: Season 3 | Official Trailer | Netflix

Mark Towle

Mark is the main man behind Gotham Garage, as he is the owner.

Born in 1962, he is one of four children under a single mom, who had little money while growing up.

However, the Car Masters star has now built his own successful business, and now has a net worth of $1 million.

The Netflix star has made his money by buying used classic cars, before restoring them and selling them at an impressive profit.

Now a mechanic and entrepreneur, he grew up making toys, which is where the passion for making and fixing things all began.

While growing up, the now-59-year-old used to go scavenging for broken toys in trash sites with some of his friends.

Shawn Pilot

Shawn Pilot isn’t a stranger to cameras, as he is also an actor!

He starred in the 1999 film ‘Three Kings’ alongside George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg, and Ice Cube, as well as reality show ‘Inside West Coast Customs’.

The cast member is also a renowned and skilled poker player.

He is thought to have a net worth of $700,000, as a result of his car workshop skills, poker playing and acting career.

Constance Nunes

Constance Nunes works at Gotham Garage, which is featured on the show.

Before Constance starred on the series, she had also found slight fame working as a model.

Constance – who grew up in California but was born in Portugal – has worked on campaigns for the likes Wrangler, Jockey, Jlux Label, Javanan Magazine, and Feral Cosmetics.

She has also starred in many commercials including ones for Reebok, Motorola and Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game, as well as for Kia’s Superbowl Commercial back in 2016.

Those are not the only screens Constance has appeared on, as she has also been a stuntwoman in Hollywood movies such as Bring it On and DodgeBall.

She married her husband Jared Toller in February 2019.

Tony Quinones

Tony is the owner of TQ Customs, who specialises in manufacturing, design and fabrication when it comes to cars.

He is best known for making custom built, handmade, one-off vehicles.

Originally from Murrieta, California, Tony has been married since 2008, according to his Facebook relationship status.

Alongside working for Gotham Garage, he has been running his own business TQ Customs since September 2014.

One of his latest builds included an all new suspension, brakes and a 5.3LS.

Mike “Caveman” Pyle

Called “Caveman” due to his long hair and beard, he has become known as the comedian of the Car Masters series.

Mike is passionate about all vehicles, from cars to motorbikes.

He is clearly one for going out to party, as he has “Let’s go clubbin'” in his Instagram bio, as well as tucking into Krispy Kreme donuts!

The Netflix star also sells his own merchandise, which offers his fans the chance to buy a t-shirt with his face on!



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