Celebrity Big Brother: 7 BEST tweets about Emma Willis' hair!

Celebrity Big Brother presenter Emma Willis has fuelled a debate on Twitter thanks to her hair.

The thirteen ‘celebrity’ housemates of 2018 were announced on Thursday, August 16th. However, since the big launch, the U.K general public have only chuckled in disappointment at the selection of Z-list celebs put in front of them.

Fortunately, alongside the classic voiceover guy who has literally been there since day one, Emma Willis is one of few shining lights in an otherwise dying reality TV series.

And this season, Emma packs an extra punch… it’s all thanks to her hair!

Only Our Emma

Fluffy, high and towered to the sky like the world’s biggest flump… this is not a normal look.

For most, the haircut would look utterly ridiculous, yet Emma seems to be able to pull off just about anything.

Then Again

Not everyone was completely blown away by Emma’s new edgy doo.


Is it Jedward in disguise? Did Henry the Hoover do the job?

These are all but a few of Twitter’s magical questions…


Thank You Very Much

Some sections of Twitter felt that Emma’s hair was one palmful of wet-look gel away from Jim Carrey.

Chuck in some Brylcreem and this is probably the result…

I am Emma…

It’s not uncommon to hear people say that Emma Willis’s beauty is out of this world.

She’s on another planet. She fell from heaven.

She’s a Guardian of the Galaxy?


Scrubbing Up

It’s not unfamiliar to see Emma Willis rocking the short hair look.

However, some sections of Twitter can’t help but feel it looks like a wig…



While everyone may be talking about Emma now, it’s always nice to remember the past.

Throwing back to the younger, long-haired days, this sure to win over anyone who isn’t a fan of the shorter hairstyle.


We’ll be There For You

No matter what Emma’s choice of hairstyle, she will always be one of the best and most-loved TV presenters of the modern era.

What better way to pay tribute to her talents than a classic Friends meme.

Emma, we’ll be there for you…



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