7 flaming hot pics of RHEA - Sam Craske's Celebs Go Dating Crete date!

We wonder if Rhea has heard of the Julius Caesar quote “I came, I saw, I conquered.”

The stunning brunette had just one date with Sam Craske before she was asked to join him in Crete for the Celebs Go Dating season 5 final!

Rhea rocked up on episode 18 and will immediately be on the grand final episodes that air this Wednesday and Thursday (November 7th, 8th).

So who is Rhea? And please can we have seven stunning pictures of her?

CELEBS GO DATING SERIES 5 – Alik, Mutya, Callum, Olivia, Eyal, Vas, Chloe, Amy and Sam

Crete Vibes

The number of gorgeous people during the Celebs Go Dating final is literally going to hit overload.

Rhea is just another one of the beautiful babes who will power down the beachwalk in one of her bikinis.

MasterChef 2021 | Trailer - BBC Trailers

Will it be the orange, white or red one, though?

Taking bets now…

In Command

Rhea is a young and upcoming model. She has just over 10,000 followers on Instagram.

We imagine she thinks of herself as a bit of a queen, not least because of this snap titled “bow down b*tches”.

Poison Ivy

Rhea is a loud and proud vegetarian, meaning she finds the need to let others know what she eats via social media. Cool.

Her Instagram bio states “veggie” while the Celebs Go Dating thinks that people envision her as Batman villain Poison Ivy when they find out about her green grazing ways.


Rhea has confessed to being Catfished in the past, with a fake profile of her appearing on Plenty of Fish.

Celeb Lookalike?

While calling Love Island reject Zara McDermott a celebrity is a pretty sceptical call, we can’t help but feel that Rhea looks pretty similar to the villa ‘celebrity’.

Millennial Problems

Although Rhea is in her early 20’s, here she is calling upon her inner 70’s.

Rhea’s Instagram read:

You a flower child, beautiful child I’m in your zone, looking like you came from the 70’s in your own. Got my groove on last night at the 60’s/70’s minifest.

Going Home Crying?

The Celebs Go Dating series 5 finale is set to be an epic encounter – poor Rhea could end up leaving in tears!

We’ve already seen a potential co-star romance between Sam Craske and Olivia Attwood, meaning things could get pretty awkward for Rhea should date Sam forget who he’s supposed to be flirting with.

Could Liv literally turn Rhea into a crybaby?




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