Thanks to ITV’s new show, Absolutely Ascot, we now know there’s more to the small town of Ascot than an annual horse race.

It’s not all fascinators, frills and champagne. There are actual, real people that live there, you know?

One of the 12 cast members that had us cooing in episode 3 is Chloe Bowler.

She’s sweet, hardworking and best known as Samson’s other half – here are 7 things you need to know about Absolutely Ascot’s Chloe Bowler!

Screen Shot: Absolutely Ascot Samson and Chloe – ITVBe series 1 episode 3

Chloe is an Independent Woman

Chloe Bowler runs her own successful cosmetics company.

She offers lip filler injections, botox and jaw reshaping.

In episode 2 of Absolutely Ascot we see Chloe’s friend, Leah Fletcher, come into her salon for a lot of lip filler!

According to Chloe, lip filler results last four months to a year and you can’t just get a one-off. To get that perfect pout, “lips need to be built”.

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Chloe Likes Expensive Things

Chloe’s not afraid to treat herself.

Her boyfriend, Samson Smith, commented on the post of her latest splurge that Chloe’s “the most hardworking woman he knows”.

Well, work hard, play hard and all that.

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To Me, From Me. Happy Friday 💋🥂

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Chloe Bowler Lives Celeb Style

Chloe considers herself business savvy and with her successful cosmetics company, there’s no stopping her now.

Nobu is often associated with A-Listers like Kim K, Katy Perry and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

The Surrey girl looks like she’s living well!

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She Worked at a Barbers

While living in Marbella, Chloe worked at The Barber Club.

The Barber Club is a members-only club with a coffee lounge and spa for men.

Not bad going bumping into Tyson Fury at work, either.

Chloe Has a Place in the Sun

Chloe lives between Marbella and Surrey.

A lot of her Instagram (@chloelouisebowler) posts are tagged in Marbs so it looks like Chloe spends a lot of time abroad.

Wraysbury is the place Chloe calls home when she’s back in England, though.

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Chloe Has a Tiny Dog

It looks like while Chloe was living in Marbs her heart was stolen by a little ball of fluff.

She now has a Pomeranian named Dolly.

The 22-year-old enjoys taking Dolly out for walks although she’s normally carrying her around like a baby rather than actually walking her.

Chloe Bowler is Taken

Anyone who’s up to date with the latest on Absolutely Ascot will know that Samson Smith and Chloe are now official.

In episode 3 Chloe met Samson’s family and on a date to the zoo, Samson asked her to be his girlfriend.

They’ve recently been on holiday together and Chloe says she “loves him more and more every day”.

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