Cian Carrigan is proving a fan favourite on Big Brother 2018.

The 23-year-old Irishman has come out with some cracking quotes while also offering support to housemates who have struggled to get to grips with life inside the house.

Funny, charming, kind and unique – Cian is a potential winner. Let’s get know him better!

Cian Has Hidden Tattoos

Cian has some hidden tattoos which we are yet to see on display.

The Big Brother star has tats across his arms and wrists -which you’ve probably spotted – but also on his clavicle and calf.

Check em’ out…

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Welcome to my body baby ?

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New face who dis?

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He Has a Big Family

Cian hails from Tipperary, Ireland, where he grew up very close to his big family.

And by big, we mean big. The country-boy has five older siblings in total – two of which are also gay.

Cian said:

Half the family is gay, so mum says you have to come out as straight in our family.

Cian Has an Adorable Pug

If there is one thing Cian will miss during his time on Big Brother, it’s sure to be his baby pug.

Meet Pheobe…


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'A Pug a day keeps the anxiety away' ?

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He Knows Gaz From Geordie Shore?

This picture proved pretty difficult to work out. However, it came on the day that Geordie Shore’s Gaz Beadle announced that he was having a baby with Emma McVey.

In the post, Cian is congratulating Gaz while jesting that he should be asked to be the Godfather.

How did they ever know each other?

He Wanted to be a Spice Girl

In his pre-Big Brother interview, Cian admitted that his childhood ambition was to be a Spice Girl or a wrestler.

He is, in fact, a Customer Service Agent for a mobile gaming company.

At least he still managed to get ringside…

BONUS: Cian is Connor McGregor?

There is a conspiracy theory that Cian did fulfil his ambition of becoming a wrestler and is Connor McGregor in disguise.

Some sections of Twitter think that the resemblance is uncanny and that Cian is simply a camp version of the UFC star.




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