Rex Kline is one of eight choreographers competing in the debut Dance 100 series, premiering on March 17, 2023.

Get your dancing shoes ready this spring as Netflix introduces viewers around the world to their new talent show, Dance 100.

Inviting eight street dance choreographers to compete for a mega $100k prize, these dancers will be pulling out all out the stops when devising routines. The twist is that each round sees the contestants have to choreograph increasingly complex routines for an ever-growing number of dancers. And who else to decide on the winner but the participating dancers themselves?

Hoping to impress on the talent show with his “Cali-Flo” inspired choreography is Rex Kline.

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Meet Rex from Dance 100

Rex Kline is a Los Angeles-based dance instructor who has never had any major choreography gigs prior to Dance 100. He has danced with Playground LA and Millennium Dance Complex. Videos of Rex dancing at these studios caught the attention of dance fans around the world, as they were shared to YouTube. This brought Rex significant internet fame. Rex holds over 150,000 TikTok followers even before becoming known as a Dance 100 cast member.

Rex’s dancing integrates a variety of dance styles such as modern, contemporary, hip-hop, and popping.

He previously was a member of a dance troupe called Motivational Warriors who went viral during the global lockdown. Rex is also known to be associated with Legendary season 3 winners, the Iconic House of Juicy Couture.

Rex appeared on The Ellen Show years before Dance 100

Two years ago, Rex and his fellow Motivational Warriors were invited on to The Ellen DeGeneres Show. They guest featured in an episode in March 2021.

They appeared on the show to talk about their viral success during the pandemic and also to share some of their best dance moves. Rex also talked about how the success of Motivational Warriors helped the trio “make ends meet” during the pandemic, when dance studios were closed and there were few opportunities to perform.

The Motivational Warriors got late DJ Stephen “tWitch” Boss up and dancing in the episode.

We found Rex Kline on Instagram

If you’re a fan of Rex Kline’s after watching Dance 100 and want to keep up to date with the talented dancer, you can follow him on Instagram. He is found under the handle @rexkline.

Before the show premiered, Rex had over 48,000 followers on the social media platform. No doubt the platform appearing on a Netflix talent show gives Rex will see this figure rocket.


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