Did Natalie from 90 Day Fiance get breast implants?

Devout viewers of TLC’s reality shows are wondering whether Natalie from 90 Day Fiance has gotten a boob job. What does the reality star have to say about it?

90 Day Fiance season 8 viewers have lately been speculating whether the show’s castmate Natalie Mordovtseva has gotten breast implants. Natalie 90 Day Fiance Breast implants has been trending on google after the contestant posted pictures of herself on Instagram that show a significant change in her chest area. Find out if Natalie has gotten breast implants.

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Did 90-day Fiance Natalie get breast implants?

Audiences of the show already know that the TLC star used to be an actress in Ukraine. Following a brief internet romance with Mike Youngquist, she came to America and the couple tried to make their relationship work. Many season 8 viewers closely followed Mike and Natalie’s journey as the couple tried to navigate the highs and lows of their relationship.

Recently many season 8 viewers who had been following Natalie and Mike’s journey began speculating, “does 90-Day Fiance Natalie have breast implants?”

The speculations arose when Natalie’s body appeared to have undergone severe changes. Some viewers noted that Natalie seemed to have a fuller chest in her latest Instagram pictures as compared to her time on the show. Hence the ’90 Day Fiance Natalie surgery rumours began spreading across social media platforms. 

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90 Day Fiance star Natalie addresses Boob Job rumours

As the speculations became rampant and the ’90 day fiance Natalie boob job’ rumours started to spread, the reality TV Star finally cleared up the air about the palpable changes in her chest size. 

According to Screenrant, when one of her fans asked if Natalie had undergone Breast Augmentation, the TLC Star replied saying that she hadn’t undergone any sort of boob surgery. While she did not discuss the matter any further we can safely assume that it is the work of a social media filter rather than actual fillers that is making Natalie’s body look different from her time on the show. However, many fans have pointed out that it’s not only her breasts but her face looks dramatically different too.

Did 90 Day Fiance Natalie undergo surgery?

In a Reddit post uploaded in March 2021, a Reddit user named u/chicagogoliz, said, “Seriously – what happened to her face. They showed the pics of her first wedding, and she looked very pretty. I never would have recognized her. What has happened to make her eyes bug out and her features look so weird? Does she have to take steroids for some condition? What on earth happened to make her look so much worse than she used to?”

The Redditor further emphasised his point noting, “But she doesn’t look fat at all. Some medications could give you a puffy face, so I was wondering if something is wrong with her and medications are affecting her, in which case, I would feel bad for her.” Natalie is yet to comment on the face surgery rumours.

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Natalie 90 day fiancé IG

Here’s a sneak peek into Natalie from 90 Day Fiance’s IG.

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