Dr Alex George was one of Love Island 2018’s most treasured contestants.

Twitter went wild over Dr Alex’s sunburn and then it went wild again when he pied off his insanely hot partner on the show, Alexandra Cane.

Now, he’s found his ‘type on paper’ in the form of Olympic snowboarder, Aimee Fuller.

Here are seven amazing pics from Aimee’s Instagram!

From ITV Studios
Love Island: SR4: Ep42 on ITV2

Aimee’s A Surfer

Aimee certainly looks like a go-getter and her 104,000 followers on Instagram and just over 43, 300 on Twitter must be pleased as she often posts photos of her living it up on surfboards out at sea.

Here she is in Bali doing what she loves…

She’s A Snowboarding Pro

If there’s one thing people probably know about Amz already it’s that she’s a snowboarding star.

It’s pretty much second nature for this 27-year-old to be gliding down the slopes.

Aimee is a ‘slopestyle’ snowboarder. She represented Team GB at the Winter Olympics in 2014 and again in the 2018 Winter Olympics.


Fearless Aimee

Born in Farnborough, London, Aimee celebrates her birthday on July 21st 1991.

She’s also lived in Washington D.C., U.S.A and in Holywood, Northern Ireland.

After pretty much travelling the globe, it would seem that there’s not much that Aimee can’t do as she perches on her motorbike, roadside.

No Pain No Gain

Olympic competitors obviously have to do their fair share of working out to stay in shape.

Petite Aimee stands at around 5ft 4, weighs about 8 stone and is clearly always up for a challenge.

She’s almost looking like a real-life Lara Croft at this rate!

Aimee Does Both

The phrase ‘get a girl that can do both’ comes to mind with Aimee.

Dr Alex has bagged himself a good one here, a pro snowboarder, Team GB Athlete who looks incredible in a suit?

Who’d have thought after all his shenanigans in the villa, Dr Alex would land that?

If There’s a Board, I’m in

The term ‘sports enthusiast’ doesn’t even cut it with Miss Fuller.

Every other Instagram post is her in the gym, on a board of some kind or hitting the watersports.

Aimee’s clearly got the hang of this boarding lark – just think of the abs!

A Yoga Master, too?

As if she needed to add anything else to her CV, Aimee’s a massive yoga enthusiast.

And she isn’t just attempting the basics, either.

Here she is stretching out after all that snowboarding!


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