Who is Dr Imani Walker's husband? Meet Married to Medicine: LA's Phil Johnson!
Dr Imani Walker

Who is Dr Imani Walker's husband? Meet Married to Medicine: LA's Phil Johnson!

After a successful first season, Married to Medicine: LA returned for series 2 in 2020. The Bravo show brought back the ladies from the first series, as well as completely new faces, more glamour and dramatic storylines.

Married to Medicine: LA follows a cast of doctors and their partners, as they care for patients during daytime and indulge in a posh and glitz lifestyle at night.

Dr Imani Walker returned to season 2, though she’s back on the show alone, while her husband Phil Johnson works on a new business venture.

So, let’s meet Phil and get to know him better, including career and social media profiles!

Dr Imani Walker

Who is Dr Imani Walker?

Imani is a psychiatrist, beauty expert and TV personality. She is the medical director of Gateways Hospital & Mental Health Center in Los Angeles.

Imani did her undergraduate degree at the Xavier University of Louisiana and completed an MSc degree in Public Health at Tulane University.

Imani specialises in caring for patients with mental health problems and eating disorders and has appeared in several magazines, including Essence Magazine, The Grio and Gawker.

In season 2 of Married to Medicine: LA, Imani gives a closer look at her life as a single mother, while her husband Phil is out of LA for business.

Meet Imani’s husband Phil Johnson

Imani’s husband is Phil Johnson.

Keen music fans may remember Phil from the American hip hop and R&B group Portrait.

Portrait rose to fame in the ’90s with their hit debut single ‘Here We Go Again!’ which managed to reach number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100. Some of their other well-known singles are ‘Honey Dip’ and ‘How Deep Is Your Love’.

The band released their fourth and last album Share My Love back in 2005.

In 2018, Phil reunited with ex-band member Michael Angelo Saulsberry and newbie Ruben Monge to release the song ‘In The Moment’. The trio went on an international tour together, including in the UK and Germany.

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Is Phil Johnson on Instagram?

Yes, Phil is on Instagram! You can find him under the handle @aquilaphil, but his profile is private at the time of writing.

He might reconsider making his profile public as interaction with people on social media might be handy for his new business venture.




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