MTV: Meet Families of the Mafia cast - Kayla, Karina, Paulie, Taylor and others!

MTV: Meet Families of the Mafia cast - Kayla, Karina, Paulie, Taylor and others!

The stars of Made in Staten Island have returned for a second season of their MTV show.

Called Families of the Mafia, the show follows the lives of four mafia-connected families as they try to navigate their children to a better future.

On the other hand, the younger generation wants to write their own story and this is where challenges begin for parents and their kids.

So, let’s meet the cast of Families of the Mafia and get to know them better, including their social media profiles.

Karina Seabrook

Families of the Mafia: Cast

  • Karina Seabrook
  • Paulie Fusco
  • Taylor O’Toole
  • Joe O’Toole
  • Kayla Gonzalez
  • Christian Patterson
  • Dennie Augustine


Karina is the daughter of Karen Gravano and David Seabrook. She was born on July 7th, 1999 in Arizona and she’ll turned 22 years old this year.

She is the granddaughter of Sammy ‘The Bull’ Gravano, the former underboss of the Gambino crime family, who went to prison for selling ecstasy pills.

Instagram: @karinaaseabrook


Paulie is Karina’s boyfriend and is the same age as her.

They were in a toxic relationship on Made in Staten Island, so viewers will get to see whether their love has grown stronger or if fights have once again taken over their romance.

Paulie is no longer on Instagram.

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Screen Shot: Paulie and Karina – MTV, Made in Staten Island S1E3


Taylor’s parents are Billy O’Toole and Jessica Clare. Her father Billy was involved with the Irish mafia, leaving her mother Jessica to take care of Taylor and her four siblings on her own.

Her twin brother is Joe O’Toole.

Instagram: @taylorotoolee


Apart from his twin Taylor, Joe has two more brothers called Matthew and Vinny, and a younger sister, Gianna.

Joe has two kids – a daughter named Joie and a son.

Instagram: @joeotoole


On Made in Staten Island, Kayla made a name for herself as someone who “never backs down from a fight”.

For instance, she had a strong argument with co-star Christian Patterson on the series last year.

According to her Instagram, Kayla has found love with a new partner, and wrote: “I picked a good one”.

Instagram: @kayla.gonzalezz


Christian comes from an Italian family.

He’s had a tough upbringing after his father went to prison for selling over $20,000 worth of heroin. Christian has had his own run-ins with the law too as he didn’t shy away from getting himself in some trouble.

In an Instagram post from December 2019, Christian revealed that his father is out of prison and wrote: “Pops back like he never left”.

Instagram: @718cp

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Dennie is appearing on Families of the Mafia with her mother Lisa Augustine.

Her ethnicity is multicultural and in the Instagram post down below, Dennie revealed to a fan that she comes from “American, Italian and African” origin.

Dennie’s father left her family when she was just 7 years old and she lives with her mom, stepfather and two younger brothers.

Her partner is called Gennaro Palomba.

Instagram: @dennieaugustine

We’re Here | Season 2 Official Teaser | HBO

We’re Here | Season 2 Official Teaser | HBO



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