Onyeka is fun, smart and already one of the front-runners to steal Colton Underwood’s heart.

The Kansas native is elegantly floating through the rounds in The Bachelor season 23, with audiences at home firmly rooting for her.

Here are five things you didn’t know about The Bachelor’s Onyeka Ehie.

Screen Shot: Onyeka Ehie - ABC, The Bachelor S23E1

Screen Shot: Onyeka Ehie – ABC, The Bachelor S23E1

Onyeka Ehie is an Accounting Whizzkid

Onyeka is a triple threat – beautiful, funny and smart!

She attended Kansas State University from 2012 to 2016 and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in accounting.

In May 2017, she graduated from Kansas State University with her Masters in accounting.

She Loves to Travel!

Onyeka had the opportunity to study abroad in Italy.

She’s also dotted across Europe enjoying scenic holidays in Corfu, Croatia and Ireland.

Oh, and not forgetting that fact that she’s been to Dubai, Japan, and Costa Rica!

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Onyeka Ehie’s Family is From Nigeria

Onyeka has travelled around the world and experienced other cultures.

Originally, her parents travelled all the way from Nigeria to settle in the U.S.A, where they had Onyeka.

And her parents wed after only knowing each other for two weeks – perhaps the same will happen between Onyeka and Colton!

Screen Shot: Onyeka Ehie's Parents - ABC, The Bachelor S23E1

Screen Shot: Onyeka Ehie’s Parents – ABC, The Bachelor S23E1

She Has Three Siblings

Onyeka is one of four children and the third born.


Brother Kezie is the oldest.

There’s also older sister Chinazo and the baby of the family, sister Amara.

Onyeka is a Music Fanatic

According to her Instagram, Onyeka is a huge music festival fan.

She’s been to Coachella, Buku Music Festival and Austin City Limits.

Slaying it with her outfits too!

You can follow Onyeka Ehie on Instagram under @onyekaehie, where she starts her Bachelor journey with 17,000 followers.



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