Five things you need to know about Eliza Batten - is the Made in Chelsea star dating James Taylor?

Eliza Batten was welcomed into the Made in Chelsea world during 2018, albeit rather briefly.

Popping up in series 16 episode 9, and stepping out of a black Rolls Royce as if it was nothing more than an Uber ride, Eliza could easily be mistaken for yet another SW3 poshy who loves drama and money.

Here’s everything you need to know about her including age, Instagram and whether she is dating castmate James Taylor.

Made in Chelsea S16 E9 Eliza

Eliza on social media

Eliza has almost over 14,000 followers on her Instagram despite joining the MIC crew with just 3,000.

The 21-year-old is friends with the likes of Melissa Tattam, which is how she joined SW3.

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Eliza Batten’s Job

Aside from being a student at Durham University, Eliza has a few modelling gigs.

She has walked the walk at London Fashion Week and models for Morville Beachwear.

Linking in her MIC world, Eliza has also modelled for Hugo Taylor’s eyewear brand Taylor Morris London and can be seen in Melissa’s swimwear brand across social media.

Globetrotting with Eliza

From Peru to Bali and India, Eliza’s definitely been making the most of her passport.

Her Instagram is full of travel photos. Whether she’s skiing with her mum or having her hair inspected by monkeys in Bali, Liz is doing it for the Gram!

Are Eliza and James Taylor dating?

Although nothing is 100% confirmed, there are some strong rumours regarding James and Eliza.

It remains to be seen how the close they get in Made in Chelsea – with currently James tied-up in a love triangle that includes Verity Bowditch and Rosi Mai – but Instagram seems to point at a potential Eliza/James romance.

This cute pic is captioned: “Friends ya?”

Eliza at University

Eliza attends Durham University and studies Anthropology, which is the study of humans.

To do the same course as Eliza you have to be a pretty bright spark as the entry requirements are ‘AAB’.



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