According to Made in Staten Island star Joe O’Toole, he is the show’s “charmer of the South Shore”.

Whether the sweet-talking young gun makes you hot under the collar or not, he certainly isn’t short of confidence.

Here are five things you need to know about cast member Joe O’Toole.

Screen Shot: Joe O'Toole - Made in Staten Island, MTV S1E2
Screen Shot: Joe O’Toole – Made in Staten Island, MTV S1E2

Joe O’Toole is a Father

Joe has two children.

His first born is Joie, who was born on April 23rd, 2013. She is five years old.

Though we don’t know the name of his second born, he was born two years later on October 20th, 2015.

He is Starting Over With His Dad

Joe’s dad, Bily, has been in and out of jail seven times while Joe and his sister were growing up.

With his father in and out of his life, Joe has admitted that it was hard to get to know him properly.

Speaking on Made in Staten Island, Joe said:

My dad can be the sweetest guy or the devil’s best friend

Screen Shot: Joe O'Toole and Bill O'Toole - Made in Staten Island, MTV S1E3
Screen Shot: Joe O’Toole and Bill O’Toole – Made in Staten Island, MTV S1E3

Joe O’Toole Has Siblings

Joe has four siblings.

He has an older brother called Matt, a twin sister called Taylor (who is also on Made in Staten), a 14-year-old sister who just started sister and a younger brother called Vinny, who is in the 5th grade.

He is 22 years old

Joe and his twin sister, Taylor, recently celebrated a birthday.

On January 22nd the twins celebrated their 22nd.

Joe O’Toole Was Deep in the Street Life

Just like the rest of his castmates, Joe no longer wants to be part of the street life. 

With two kids he feels like he needs to step up.

In the show, Joe said:

I’m trying to smarten up and wisen up.


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