There’s less than a week to go before a brand new series of Geordie Shore hits our screens!

The crazy Newcastle reality show is set to be wild.

Episode 1 will air at 10 pm on MTV. (Tuesday 16th October)

Some old faces will be returning to the show as well as one newbie in the form of energetic bundle of joy, Faith Mullen. Here are five things you didn’t know about Faith!
Screen Shot: Faith arrives at the Geordie Shore house – MTV

Faith Has a Puppy

Faith’s ultimate wish was to one day own a Pug puppy.

Well, it looks like her dream’s come true as she clutches her dog, Versace Zion, in her arms.

It looks like Faith will have to swap her adorable pup for a pair of rats in the Geordie Shore house as the family have been given two rodents by Scotty T.

Faith Posts For Body Positivity

Faith is working it for plus size women everywhere.

Her regular posts on social media on body positivity attract tons of likes and comments praising her for maintaining a natural figure.

Not all the comments are kind though, but Faith doesn’t rise to it.

Keep repping for the real ones, Faith.

Faith Mullen is a Christian

According to The Sun Faith has said she believes that sex before marriage is a sin.

As well as saying that she’s “friends with Jesus” and “wants to be a voice for young Christians”.

Now that should be an interesting point of view to throw into the house!

Faith Gets Lots of Trolls

Faith enjoys posting lots of selfies and lingerie pics on her Instagram (@faithsinead).

However, this seems to attract a lot of trolls to her page who comment on Faith’s eyebrows, health and weight.

Faith is capable of looking after herself though.

She said to one troll:

…I know that just didn’t realise people above the age of 12 felt the need to point things out about people’s looks.

Faith is the Youngest Geordie Shore Member

At just 19, Faith’s the youngest in the G Shore house this year.

Her uber confidence definitely makes up for it though.

She was absolutely buzzing to be in the house and get acquainted with her new pals.

And by getting acquainted we mean doing multiple vodka shots – obviously.–9bBLs_/?taken-by=faithsinead

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