Heartbreak Holiday: Who is Maxine Heron? Meet the trans model on Instagram!

The BBC have rustled up their own solution to the Love Island-shaped hole in the nation’s hearts by introducing a new dating abroad show: Heartbreak Holiday.

Expect all the same juicy drama but rather than centre the show on finding love, the series sees ten heartbroken 20-somethings take on the healing process together through a wild holiday across Europe. Oh, and there will be the odd fling here and there!

One contestant who has already piqued the interest of viewers is stunning brunette Maxine Heron, who has the rep of poshest in the villa.

Here’s everything you need to know about Maxine, from her school and career to the story of her transition.

Screenshot: Heartbreak Holiday S1 E1 – iPlayer

Who is Maxine Heron?

Maxine Heron describes herself as “fresh from the Home Counties.”

She left Amersham and Wycombe College in 2012 and since has been in a variety of jobs from receptionist to booking agent.

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Maxine last worked as a studio manager at POD Architects in London. She started in May 2017 but left the role in June 2018. Since then Maxine has worked as a model and has been involved in LGBTQ+ projects such as the short film, Birthday Boy.

After a string of bad, short-term relationships since she and her serious boyfriend broke up on New Year’s Eve in 2017, Maxine is looking to have her faith restored in men and her heart healed.

Maxine’s transition

She had been open to viewers from the outset of the Heartbreak Holiday that she was trans and that she transitioned at the age of 16. Not much has been said about her transition on the show as of yet, but Maxine has spoken about it on her social media.

Maxine said in Heartbreak Holiday episode 1:

I was keeping the fact that I’m trans a secret for a very long time. I transitioned when I was 16, which sounds super young but for me it was definitely the best thing. And I decided to come out on social media and tell everybody about my history and everyone was a bit shook.

She came out on social media in 2018 and her posts begin from then. In her first post, Maxine wrote:

2018 was the year I finally accepted myself, and embraced my experience, and my sisterhood with so many other incredible women in this beautiful, special community. 2019 will be the year of the trans woman.

What is Maxine’s Instagram?

Maxine already has quite an Instagram following, even before her appearance on Heartbreak Holiday.

You can join her 3300-strong following on her Insta @maxineheron.

Most of her pictures are from her modelling days and her travels around the world. And there are plenty of snaps from her time on Heartbreak Holiday!





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