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Davina Potratz talks age obsession, Selling Sunset and modelling career: Meet the successful realtor!

Netflix’s real estate show Selling Sunset has been a huge hit for viewers since it first aired in 2019.

With three seasons listed already, glamorous realtors Christine, Mary, Chrishell, Heather, Maya, Amanza, Davina, Jason and Brett make for a drama-filled, inspiring cast who show clients around multi-million dollar properties for their job. Davina has been a main cast member from the start, and is mostly known for her ability to always be upfront.

Davina, who has never revealed her real age, is the broker and director of the New Development Division at real estate firm The Oppenheim Group, based in Los Angeles.

We spoke to Davina about everything that fans want to know: her former modelling career, where she’s from and becoming friends with Brett, plus how Selling Sunset has made a difference in her life. Check out what she had to say!

Screenshot: Selling Sunset S3 E8 – Netflix

Meet Davina Potratz

Davina Potratz is the broker associate and director of new development at The Oppenheim Group. She is believed to have been in a serious relationship with a man named Alex for four years. He has occasionally appeared on Selling Sunset but the couple have not shared many personal details about their love life on the show.

The broker has starred in Selling Sunset since the show launched in March 2019. She has impressed with her success at securing property sales of over half a billion dollars and plays a vital role for new builds at the estate firm. Davina has also travelled all over the globe to attend property shows. She has worked for The Oppenheim Group for two and a half years. Her net worth is believed to be $2 million.

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Davina explained to us how she first got involved with real estate. She said:

I ended up wanting to know about real estate for myself. I thought, I don’t understand anything about this, so then I got my license. Then through another friend, I got this job at a high-rise luxury agency, which happened to be one of the best companies to work for. I sold these condos, got other jobs and this went on for 10 plus years.

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Davina talks life before Selling Sunset

The successful estate agent used to be a former model in London, where she used to live over six years ago. She attended “lots of castings” which would be for summer shoot releases – however the shoots were captured in the winter.

Before this, she moved from her home in Germany, where she attended the International School of Hamburg, and after graduating with her International Baccalaureate, she went on to study advertising at Pepperdine University, Malibu. She is fluent in German and has travelled to over 40 countries.

She moved to London before going on to live in New York and then Miami. Davina now lives in Los Angeles. She told us:

I wanted to be based in LA and not travel so much. I was still doing modelling and wanted to stay here. While I was working for a Beverley Hills company, I met Brett through a transaction which we done together, and we became friends. We went for lunch and he suggested me joining the brokerage, which is where is where you make the most money. He suggested doing a new development with Jason, to change and upgrade how I worked in real estate.

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How Selling Sunset has changed her life

As a successful realtor in Los Angeles, Davina has had to work hard for her career in real estate. Now that she is well-known for being on the Netflix show, Davina regularly gets recognised. However she says she puts a hat and sunglasses disguise on so that she can go for her usual hike. She said: “People recognise us for sure, I think more people recognise us than we are aware of. They don’t want to say anything.”

Davina continued:

We see fan accounts saying they saw us in some places but sometimes what they say we’re doing isn’t accurate. I go hiking a lot as the gyms closed here. I hike every day on a popular trail, and people smile or wave which is cute, or other times you can tell people have this lingering look. It’s surreal, we’re just normal.

When asked why she hasn’t revealed her age and keeps schtum about her love life, she said: “I’ve never lied about my age, I’ve never quoted a different age on purpose, people are just obsessed with me. It’s not a secret and I’m not embarrassed or anything. I don’t need judgement or hate, and it’s not fair to the other person if they didn’t sign up for this.”

We’re excited to continue following Davina’s real estate journey on Selling Sunset!




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