Cue the dramatic music and panoramic shots of London, The Apprentice is back!

Series 14 began Wednesday, October 3rd on BBC One.

This year Lord Alan Sugar is accompanied by Karren Brady and Claude Littner.

He’s already fired three candidates.

One of the remaining 13 hopefuls looking for that £250,000 investment is Jasmine Kundra.

Here are five things you didn’t know about Jasmine!

Jasmine Kundra
Screen Shot: Jasmine Kundra The Apprentice series 14 – BBC One

Jasmine’s Got a Lot of Admirers

Since Jasmine’s been on The Apprentice it looks like the public has taken a real liking to her.

Because she’s so good looking, that is. Nothing to do with her business acumen.

Jasmine Has a Long CV

Jasmine hasn’t just worked at Jaguar Land Rover, before that she spent four months working as a finance training lead at the University of South Wales.

She also worked as a training manager at Carworld.

Jasmine’s longest employment on eight years was at the UK’s leading facilities management and professional services company, Mitie.

How Old is Jasmine?

Jasmine was born in 1984 making her 34 years old.

Of all the Apprentice candidates Jasmine looks to be the most professional.

She doesn’t have a personal Instagram or Twitter and has clearly put a lot of time and effort into her LinkedIn page.

This one is strictly business!

Jasmine Kundra is a Game Changer

According to Jasmine’s LinkedIn in her last job at Jaguar Land Rover she “grew the company’s training community from 50 to over 400 members in one year”.

Now that sounds like somebody you’d want on your team.
Jasmine Kundra (centre) The Apprentice series 14 episode 1 – BBC One

Where is Jasmine Kundra from?

Jasmine comes from Coventry, West Midlands.

In the first week of The Apprentice Jasmine was selected by her peers as project manager.

She did at first object and said: “I’m flattered by the nomination, is there anybody wanting to nominate themselves?”

Of course, no one nominated themselves and Jasmine was lumbered with the first task in Malta.

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