Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club: Five things you didn’t know about Billy Estevez

Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club: Five things you didn't know about Billy Estevez

He’s Dominican, he’s tall, and he’s absolutely gorgeous!

Personal trainer Billy Estevez is probably one of the only cast members that didn’t actually work at a bar before joining Lindsay’s Beach Club.

This LA native is a host on the show and we know that you’re desperate to find out more about him. Here are five things you didn’t know about Billy Estevez!

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club – The Cast

Billy Estevez is a Gym Fanatic

According to Billy’s Instagram, he spends most of his free time in the gym.

And judging by his abs, we 100% believe him.

Billy has a membership at LA Fitness and also loves hiking.

You Can Follow Him on Instagram

Since starring in Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Billy now has over 10,000 followers.

This Dominican stud is not shy to show off his body, how much he loves his godson, and how much style he’s got.

To follow him on Instagram, tune in to @best_evez.

Screen Shot: Billy Estevez’s Instagram – Instagram

Billy Has More Than One Credit Role

According to Billy’s IMDB account, there’s more muscle to his acting career than just the topless barman role on Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.

He voiced as a radio DJ on short-film Abuela’s Luck.

Screen Shot: Abuela’s Luck Cast is Billy Estevez – IMDB

He is an Aspiring Model

Breaking out into the entertainment industry is hard although having pals such as Lindsay Lohan should make that a smidge easier.

Billy has already modelled a few times in print and on the catwalk.

Billy Estevez is a Taurus

Billy celebrates his birthday on May 3rd, although he’s giving us little indication as to his exact age.

Last year’s post simply reads ’20-something’.



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