5 totally BIZARRE facts about Louis Theroux - Altered States 2018!

Louis Theroux is back with a brand-new documentary!

His three-part investigative programme, Louis Theroux’s Altered States, first aired on BBC One on Sunday, November 4th.

The next episode will air on Sunday, November 18th, at the same time of 9 pm.

For those who are Louis fanatics, here are seven unusual and extraordinary facts about the famous TV presenter!

BBC – Photographer: Bryony Shearmur

Louis Isn’t All-that British!

As soon as you see Louis Theroux, and even before you hear him speak, you think of Great Britain.

His awkward posture and uncomfortable demeanour scream Britishness!

However, Louis was born in Singapore on May 20th, 1970.

The 48-year-old’s mum is the product of an English mum and an American travel writer called Paul Theroux. This means that Louis has a dual U.S.A/U.K passport.

He Loves Hip Hop & Grime

You may not expect Louis-Louis to be in touch with the roots of hip-hop and grime.

However, he’s extremely in-touch with his musical side and is a big fan of the two genres.

Louis a BAFTA Winner

All of Louis’s documentaries are worth a watch. In particular, his 2002 series When Louis Met… won a BAFTA.

The series includes eight episodes, including When Louis Met… Jimmy Savile, Chris Eubank and Ann Widdecombe.

We particularly recommend the Ann Widdecombe doc, where Louis brashly asked if the politician was still a virgin!

He Loves a Drink

During his Drinking to Oblivion series, Louis admitted that alcohol was his “drug of choice”.


Most evenings he usually knocks back a couple of gin and tonics with a few glasses of wine, too.

Louis said:

I definitely drink more now than I did as a student. Alcohol is my drug of choice.

Photographer: Bryony Shearmur

Louis is Worth a Lot

Although it’s difficult to pinpoint an exact figure on someone’s net worth, Louis is rumoured to be worth around USD $4 million.

It’s a lot, but nothing on OG David Attenborough, who is worth a staggering $35 million!

He’s Had Plastic Surgery

Okay, so this was in the name of research.

Nevertheless, Louis underwent liposuction surgery during his documentary Under the Knife in 2007.

Louis Theroux

Louis is Married to a Director

Making the perfect husband/wife combo, Louis is married to television director Nancy Strang.

They tied the knot in 2012 after 10 years of dating, which followed the end of Louis’s first marriage with Susanna Kleeman between 1998 and 2001.

Louis and Nancy have three sons – Albert, Walter, and Frederick.

BONUS: You Can Buy His Face!

Louis has become such an icon in the U.K that you can buy a ton of memorabilia with his face on.

Whether it’s a t-shirt or mug, Louis Theroux is watching you!

Screen Shot – Etsy.com

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