Love Is Blind season 5 will arrive at the end of September 2023, so let’s get to know the cast, including their Instagram profiles and jobs.

Nick and Vanessa Lachey are back with another season of Love Is Blind, and this time, they’re heading to Houston, Texas.

Netflix has announced the full cast list so let’s check them out – from their occupations to their official cast profile photos.

Episodes 1 to 4 of Love Is Blind season 5 will release on Friday, September 22. Episodes 5 to 7 air on September 29, followed by episodes 8 and 9 on October 6. The finale drops on October 13.

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Meet the cast of Love Is Blind season 5

There are 28 singles this year:


Love Is Blind Season 5 Miriam
© 2023

Age: 32

Job: Scientist

Instagram: @mimah_


Love Is Blind season 5's Paige
© 2023

Age: 32

Job: Stylist

Instagram: @paigetilly


Love Is Blind Season 5 Connor
© 2023

Age: 31

Job: Geoscientist

Instagram: @connor_t_moore


Love Is Blind season 5's Milton
© 2023

Age: 25

Job: Petroleum engineer

Instagram: @jamesmiltonj4


Love Is Blind Season 5 Enoch
© 2023

Age: 27

Job: Financial advisor

Instagram: @enoch_culliver


Love Is Blind Season 5 Izzy
© 2023

Age: 31

Job: Sales

TikTok: @izzyzapata2


Love Is Blind Season 5 Renee
© 2023

Age: 32

Job: Veterinarian

Instagram: @missreneepoche


Love Is Blind Season 5 Carter
© 2023

Age: 30

Job: Construction

Instagram: @carterdaleyall


Love Is Blind Season 5 Christopher
© 2023

Age: 28

Job: Project manager for commercial and retail development

Instagram: @chrisfoxxy


Love Is Blind Season 5 Josh
© 2023

Age: 32

Job: Sales representative

Instagram: @jsimmons1818


Love Is Blind Season 5 Ernesto
© 2023

Age: 32

Job: Supply chain manager

Instagram: @esj_28


Love Is Blind Season 5 Linda
© 2023

Age: 32

Job: Talent acquisition recruiter

Instagram: @lindachi_


Love Is Blind Season 5 Maris
© 2023

Age: 30

Job: HR specialist

Instagram: @maristx


Love Is Blind Season 5 Shondra
© 2023

Age: 32

Job: Flight attendant

Instagram: @shonlaaa


Love Is Blind Season 5 Aaliyah
© 2023

Age: 29

Job: ICU travel nurse

Instagram: @aalove4_


Love Is Blind Season 5 Lydia
© 2023

Age: 32

Job: Geologist

Instagram: @lavg


Love Is Blind Season 5 Jarred
© 2023

Age: 34

Job: University director

Instagram: @jarredinpictures


Love Is Blind Season 5 Uche
© 2023

Age: 34

Job: Lawyer/entrepreneur

Instagram: @imabovethelaw


Love Is Blind Season 5 Jared
© 2023

Age: 32

Job: Firefighter

Instagram: @instalessjared


Love Is Blind Season 5 Johnie
© 2023

Age: 32

Job: Lawyer

Instagram: @johniemaraist


Love Is Blind Season 5 Taylor
© 2023

Age: 26

Job: Teacher

Instagram: @taylormrue


Love Is Blind Season 5 Erica
© 2023

Age: 27

Job: Marketing manager

Instagram: @ericaanthony


Love Is Blind Season 5 Stacy
© 2023

Age: 34

Job: Director of operations

Instagram: @stacyrenae926


Love Is Blind Season 5 Mayra
© 2023

Age: 25

Job: Minister

Instagram: @mayraaa_c


Love Is Blind Season 5 Estefania
© 2023

Age: 30

Job: Teacher/dancer

Ethnicity: Mexican

Instagram: @estefbaila


Love Is Blind Season 5 Efrain
© 2023

Age: 27

Job: Software sales

Instagram: @eefffyy03


Love Is Blind Season 5 Justice
© 2023

Age: 28

Job: Personal trainer

Instagram: @thattrainerjustice


Love Is Blind Season 5 Robert
© 2023

Age: 30

Job: Special education teacher

Instagram: @rockwithrob

Where are Love Is Blind season 4 stars now?

Tiffany and Brett

Season 4 favorites Tiffany and Brett are still married one year later. Tiffany moved from Seattle to Portland, Oregon to make the relationship work and although she misses her familiar surroundings, the Netflix star is happier than ever.

Bliss and Zack

Zack and Bliss are another couple who celebrated their one-year anniversary on Love Is Blind: After The Altar. The episodes showed the Goytowskis visiting the doctor’s office for the sake of their children. No, they’re not having kids anytime soon; Zack has been trying to fix his pet allergy issues so Bliss’ dog and cast, Asher and Blythe, could live with them.

Chelsea and Kwame

Kwame Appiah moved to Seattle for Chelsea Griffin and together they live just around the corner from the Goytowskis! In After The Altar, things became emotional as they reflected on their year-long journey together. Chelsea admitted she felt guilty that Kwame had to sacrifice his love of travel for her busy schedule.


After a messy split from Jackie, Marshall Glaze found love with Chay Barnes. She made her TV debut on After The Altar and they have been together since July 15, 2022. Marshall even hinted that she is The One after telling Brett: “Chay makes me feel loved every time she looks in my eyes. That’s who I want to spend my life with.” 

Jackie and Josh

Josh and Jackie are still going strong and moved into their first apartment together. Jackie patched things up with Marshall at Chelsea’s birthday celebration and apologized for their breakup.


Micah has moved to Seattle permanently since she was flying back and forth to Arizona. The marketing manager has yet to find a new beau and admitted on After The Altar that she still had feelings for Paul since they continued texting despite him seeing a new woman. They ultimately decided to cut contact and Micah remained besties with Paul’s mom.

It’s unknown whether the exes are still in contact today.


Paul has officially moved on and is now dating a woman named Geneva Dunham, who is originally from Vancouver. The couple became Instagram official in May 2023 with a post documenting their travels.


Irina updated on After The Altar that she is still single. She has been focused on her event planning business, Solo Collective.

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