Love Island: 7 of Hayley Hughes’ most STUPID questions

Love Island: 7 of Hayley Hughes’ most STUPID questions

The stupidity of Love Island star Hayley Hughes has been put into question following her recent eviction from the show.

Friends and family have been quick to defend the model from Liverpool, hinting that her stupid behaviour may have been put on.

If it was, then Hayley played the ditzy blonde role expertly.

Here are 7 of the most STUPID comments Hayley Hughes made during her two-week appearance in the villa.

1. What’s An Earlobe?

Kick-starting the questions at number one, Hayley was left bamboozled during a game of truth and dare as she was tasked with licking Adam Collard’s earlobes.

Although the word ‘ear’ is a massive giveaway, Hayley still couldn’t fathom what this mystical ‘earlobe’ was.

2. Does That Mean You Can See Ghosts?

Hayley and Eyal Booker never looked like the perfect match, especially as Eyal attempted to get all ‘spiritual’ during the ‘get to know each other’ phase.

Talking about his spiritual beliefs, all Hayley had to say was this…

Screen Shot: Love Island Hayley Hughes – ITV2, series 4, episode 6

Screen Shot: Love Island Hayley Hughes – ITV2, series 4, episode 6

3. So Does That Mean We Won’t Have Any More Trees?

All we need to say is Hayley Hughes and Brexit.

You can imagine the type of comments that surfaced during this heated Love Island debate.

Hayley not only had no idea what Brexit was but she thought that leaving the E.U meant that we would no longer have any trees in the U.K.

WATCH below.

4. Essex is a Continent?

The next two comments come from a discussion between all the girls, where Hayley squeezed some primary school level geography knowledge from the rest of the gang.

Hayley’s questions included “So Wales is in Cardiff?” and the classic “Essex is a Continent?” – a comment that even the cast of TOWIE would class as ‘stupid’.

Screen Shot: Hayley Hughes stupid questions – Love Island 2018, ITV2, series 4,

5. When You Go On a Plane and Go To Another Place, That’s Still in The United Kingdom?

Same convo, different dumb sh*t.

Enjoy/endure the full interaction below…

6. Ay-all?

Hayley Hughes attempting to pronounce Eyal’s name quickly became one of the internet’s favourite things.

Eventually, Hayley forgot her temporary villa boyfriend’s name altogether, despite having plenty of practice at it.

7. What Does Superficial Mean?

Just when you thought Hayley being completely superficial couldn’t get any worse, the 21-year-old went on to ask what the word ‘superficial’ actually meant

Oh, lord…

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