Love Island Australia: 7 hottest Instagram pics of rugby player Charlie!

Love Island, no matter which country’s edition, always has some of the most beautiful people on the planet.

However, we feel like Love Island Australia is taking it to the next level. Everyone is insanely hot!

While we were perusing Love Island Australia Instagram profiles, we came across the feed of one Charlie Taylor. Charlie is one of the first five guys in the villa and is a rugby player.

Sounds good already, right? Oh, it gets better.

Take a look at Charlie’s 7 hottest Instagram pics below.

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1. Feeling Satisfied…

His caption says he is feeling satisfied.

So are we, looking at this post…

2. Take it Off

We feel like he’s caught in two minds here. To take it off or not to take it off?

There is no question – take it off!

3. Bike Ride

What a cute lil bike ride this looks like, and along such a picturesque landscape, too.

MasterChef 2021 | Trailer - BBC Trailers

Go hard or go home, Char!

4. Just Chilling

We aren’t overly keen on the slush-puppy looking swim shorts he’s sporting but we are definitely keen on everything else.

5. Rugby Guys Are the Best Guys

Now we’re talking.

There’s just something about rugby guys, and Charlie is the epitome of good-looking rugby guy, too.

We could watch him in action all day.

6. Get Yourself a Guy Who Can Cook

There’s probably a dozen or so puns we could make about Charlie cooking and being hot.

Sizzling. Steamy. Burning. Etc etc.

But, seriously, guys are instantly more attractive when they can cook, and Charlie looks great in the kitchen.

7. No Caption Needed

Really, there isn’t any caption or clever remark to be made here.

Just take a look.



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