Love Island Australia: 7 HOTTEST pics from Natasha’s Instagram!

Natasha Webster is one of the hottest Love Island contestants from any series and from any country.

Natasha is bound to catch the eye of pretty much every Islander. She’ll probably also catch the eye of one or two viewers, too.

But Natasha will be used to that sort of attention by now. She has over 165k Instagram followers and her feed is littered with ‘eye-catching’ posts.

Here’s a run through of Natasha’s 7 hottest pics from Instagram.

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1. Stairway to Heaven

Natasha goes to the beach a lot.

It’s not quite dog walking on a rainy Sunday in North Cornwall, but it looks ‘aite.

2. Miley Cyrus Vibes

Come on, we can’t be the only ones thinking of Miley Cyrus with this post? Those buns.

MasterChef 2021 | Trailer - BBC Trailers

It’s either Miley Cyrus or a very modern, and loosely-clad, version of Princess Leia.

3. Ol’ Blue Eyes

Her eyes literally match the sapphire tones of those pool tiles. Give others a chance, Natasha.

4. Get a Girl Who Can Do Both

It’s not all about bikinis and beach shots. Natasha can clearly do both, and here she shows off her evening attire with this silky gown.

5. Back to the Beach, Baywatch Style

It’s back to the sandy beaches with this one. Apparently, it’s winter in this picture now… erm, how?

But, seriously, is anyone else thinking Natasha would have been great in Baywatch? Bring on the slow-motion!

6. New Bikini Wear

Evidently, when Natasha’s new swimwear arrived in the post, she just couldn’t go on without posting a selfie in her bikini.

Natasha’s Insta read: When it’s stormy outside but your new kinis have arrived and you want to show them off!! … Plus I wanted to take a selfie with my new phone.”

Order a coat next time then, ya dingus!

7. The Best Till Last

We think we’ve saved the best one till last here.

Then again, is Natasha actually about 3ft tall? Or are those just freakishly tall flowers?



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