Everybody is talking about Love Island’s Adam Collard!

The hunky personal trainer from Newcastle has been a relatively quiet character during the opening episodes of Love Island 2018, although a huge shock was teased in episode seven (Monday, 11th June).

New-girl Rosie confronted Adam in front of the entire villa screeching “why don’t you tell everyone what you have done.”

Oh Adam, could it be anything to do with one of these seven secrets?

1. Adam’s Services Cost £700

Love Island’s Adam is a personal trainer at Newcastle-based Aurora Athletic.

Although social media has enjoyed ripping into Adam’s rather disproportionate legs, you can still pay Adam £375 for advice on how not to add muscle to your calves and thighs.

Hell, pay him £700 for 20 one-on-one sessions if you really want that Mr Tumnus look…

2. He Wasn’t Always That Jacked

Adam flaunts a rapid body transformation on his Instagram page where he packed on slabs of muscle and cut away enough fat to have abs that look like they may prod your eyes out.

This was how Adam looked 12 months ago! (not sure why he was kegged in pic three).

3. Adam is Heir to Millions

No, we’re not talking about a potential place in the Love Island final and a million new Instagram followers.

Adam is the son of Billy Collard, a property tycoon with huge residential and business property investments in the Northumberland area.

Feeling more inclined to couple up Adam now?

4. He is Only 22!

There was an initial uproar on social media when it was revealed that Adam was only 22-years-old.

People couldn’t believe this 6ft2 man-mountain was so young, with rumours escalating to the point that he was being touted as a fraud.

Buddy and Love Island 2015 contestant Chris Williamson was quick to confirm Adam’s age. However, he leaft all guys in their early 20’s wondering why the hell they look so scrawny and child-like.

5. Adam Was on Geordie Shore (Briefly)

Adam was also called out after telling other Love Island contestants that he turned down the chance to feature on Geordie Shore.

Whether he turned down a position or not, Adam can be spotted as an extra on the show, here.

Maybe this is what he meant by his ‘Geordie Shore stardom’…

6. He’s a Newcastle United Fan

Adam has pictures on his Insta attending Newcastle games at St James’ Park.

Unless, of course, these pics were all part of his ploy to try and weave his way into Geordie Shore!

7. Adam Doesn’t Like Pizza

Nutrition is key to Adam’s chiselled-body lifestyle.

He told the Love Island producers this horrifying story, where he went to extreme measures to avoid a slice of Margherita.

Adam once said he was stuck at an airport, just to ensure that he didn’t have to eat pizza with his girlfriend as they were meeting up for a date.

Adam said: I was on a really serious prep for a fitness shoot… I couldn’t be near pizza. That was the best shape I’ve ever been in at the time.”

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