In the last couple of episodes of Made in Chelsea Miles Nazaire and Sophie Hermann look to be getting closer.

Last week Sophie drew Miles in the nude and this week she’s showing him the ropes in romance which ended up in Miles asking Izzy Utterson out on a date.

In MIC series 16 episode 4, Sophie said if she was a decade younger she’d date Miles, but she’s not so she’s resorted to matchmaker instead.

Here are seven things we found out from Izzy’s Instagram!

Made in Chelsea Izzy

Screen Shot: Made in Chelsea Izzy season 16 episode 4

Izzy Has a Type

On Izzy’s Instagram, she has more than a few pics with tall, dark and handsome fellas.

It doesn’t take much to work out why she and Miles have been set up on Made in Chelsea.

Let’s just hope it’s plain sailing for these two, relationships in Chelsea seem doomed at the minute.

Izzy is a Fashionista

Izzy is the Creator of ‘Storybehindstyle‘.

From October 2018 Izzy has said she’ll do a video once a month “to talk to people about why they dress the way they do”.

She has collaborated with women’s website Into The Fold to share people’s style stories.

Izzy Utterson is a Student

In Made in Chelsea series 16 episode 4 we saw Izzy join Miles and the rest of the crew for dinner.

Izzy told Sophie that she studies history but that’s as much as we learned about the style guru.

Izzy is an undergraduate student at King’s College London.

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It begins 🤘

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Izzy Likes a Good Facemask

Of all things, Izzy’s Insta is packed full of her doing facemasks.

We know how important it is to look after your skin, but she’s taking it to a whole new level.

Keep that glow wherever you go, Izzy.

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Ridin' dirty

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How Old is Izzy?

Izzy is 21 years old.

She celebrated her 21st birthday this year in February.

That makes her an Aquarius – known for their unique style and flowing personalities, apparently.

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Izzy Has a Sense of Humour

Izzy’s Instagram looks like a good expression of her personality.

Among fashion-y shots and old school photos of David and Victoria Beckham, she’s posted a fair few jokes and hilarious photos online.

Maybe Izzy is what’s needed around Chelsea to brighten the place up a bit and divert our attention from all the couple’s drama!

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Craig David's lyrics have gotten pretty dark..

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Izzy Works Out

It pretty much goes without saying that Izzy is a good looking girl.

And it’s clear to see she works hard to stay in shape.

Not sure how she’s maintaining this body with those pasta photos she keeps posting, though, maybe some people have got it all.

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The MIC Rundown – Made in Chelsea season 16 episode 4